Bane Plays Slender

Slender, a lot of you probably heard of it, I just heard about it a few days ago.... I know right, but I found something that you will surely enjoy, Bane playing some people might call the scariest game ever made! En-freaking-JOY!

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Thor 2 The Dark World 1st Set Images with Villians?

I just got set images from the Marvel Studios sequel to "Thor", "Thor the Dark World" You can't get these things anywhere else.... well besides the place I got them from, The Comic Book Cast!

So What do you think? Is that Christopher Eccelston? He is Malekith by the way.


Young Justice Return Trailer

Okay, you may or may have not seen this, but I'm showing it anyway, a all new trailer for Young Justice! It was at San Deigo Comic Con, and I completely forgot about it.... So enjoy!

Details released include some major spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

  • Deathstroke, also known as Slade in the 2005 Teen Titans series, will join the cast.
  • Artemis will become his apprentice under the alias of Tigress, and will fight Nightwing at some point.
  • Static will join the cast of young heroes.
  • The Partner will be revealed to be a Reach agent, who in the comics are an enemy of Blue Beetle.
  • A three-eyed creature speculated to be Despero will appear.
  • Tula will make an appearance in the series, though it is unknown whether her scenes take place in 2016 or an earlier point in time.
  • Lex Luthor and Mercy will also appear.
  • The stolen children will be given superpowers.
  • The Hall of Justice will be attacked by several tanks.
  • We will see Tim Drake in civilian clothing.
  • Zatanna will return.

So What do you think, tell me below.


New to Who

Recently there has been an ad campaign for Doctor Who with social networking called "New to Who". Mysellf wondering, what was your "New to Who" moment. Be it old or New what isit, tell your story below.


Doctor Who Season 7 Posters Revealed

The Doctor is back, THIS SATURDAY, they released movie like posters for the first 6 episodes of this year. These will the last adventures with Amy and Rory'sse are Th, and next year (The 50th anniversary ), will feature the remainder 8 episodes of this season with the new companion Jenna Louise Coleman, who you can see as my avatar. So what do you think?


Metal Gear Movie Announced

25 years since Metal Gear was released on 1987, Konami and Columbia Pictures, with Avi Arad has Announced a Meta Gear Movie, yeah. Expect craziness ,cardboard boxes and so much American freedom blasted toward you! Get Kojima and David Hayter and you have a damn film!

Naked Snake became Big Boss after the the ''Snake Eater '' mision in CCCP.

So what do you think?


The Avenger's Bad Romance

As I'm currently downloading my early copy of The Avengers, I will be shopping out the best of the internets wackiest Avengers videos. Today I'll show one crazy video that needs to be a special feature, I would rob a Godamn Bank to see this done, so enjoy!

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