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Oh man, I hated Man of Steel, but Cranston as Luthor, that would totally get me in the theatre for a sequel!

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@deranged_midget said:

@docluthorvondoom: I wasn't targeting you personally if you accidentally misunderstood my post. That was directed towards the three of you. A situation only escalates when all parties become involved. You have a choice to engage, you aren't forced into it. If someone riles you up so much that you are forced to go beyond something as miniscule as a discussion, then just move on. If you feel another user is being unfair, then just flag them and a mod will take care of it.

I never centred out anyone here mate, just trying to keep the peace.

That's some pussy ass sounding shit right there man. Thinking like that is the reason generation after generation of American dudes are becoming increasingly passive aggressive and womanly; when you have a problem with someone, you confront them, if someone attacks you, you attack them. You don't bitch and whine about it to some self appointed authority figure, or turn the other cheek and bottle it up, you handle that shit.

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lol i like that nightwing looks like white nick fury

...Nick Fury is white...?

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I can't believe people are actually watching this shit, let alone writing semi-positive reviews of it. I mean, it's CG, CG cartoons suck, people do it because they're too lazy or lacking in real skills to do real animation. Also, the CG is terrible! It looks like PS1 cutscenes.

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"Viners, would you be cool with Diesel as Groot or would you rather have him as another character?"

Um, I'd rather just not have him in movies, ever; is that an option? Dude looks like he just got out of the special school. Whenever he delivers a line I think to myself "shouldn't he be wearing a helmet?"

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@bezza said:

Superman fans need to move into the modern world. I remember coming out of the cinema from Superman Returns, totally deflated, because it just hadn't done anything new and the Marvel Films were really delivering. Kids these days want transformers style action and a more realistic style superhero. This film delivered that and I think it will do well as a result and bring us more DC comic based movies. I just hope people watch it with an open mind.

Many of us read comics as an escape from the "modern world" and would prefer them to stay, as you would probably say, archaic. Also, I would not call Michael Bay's transformers a "realistic style superhero"; and if that's what a vast majority of people want, that doesn't mean you have to deliver it, those movies are asinine and are made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, (see minstrel robots in Transformers 2) I would have preferred if Superman was able to remain above that kind of pandering.

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I will probably never read this series, I would say until some new writers take the helm, but even then it's unlikely. Here are the reasons:

the trans gender character was an ill conceived, pathetic attempt at being topical; also was not even remotely close to the first transgender character in American super hero comics. When was the first appearance of Madame Fatal? Like, 1942? Yeah, they missed the mark by a rough 61 years. Mother fuckers need to do some research (before all you jackasses bitch and moan that was a comment on all the people who said that this was the first transgender character in articles and boards, not the writers, who, as far as I know, never made that boast).

And secondly, and probably more importantly, I didn't mind Barbara as Oracle, it was a great character, with a lot of history and a lot of depth, all that history shouldn't just be brushed under the carpet; and I really liked Cassandra as Batgirl, she had a great background, a great origin, and it was great to have an, at least partially, Asian girl in the Bat family. Asians are probably the most under represented ethnicity in comics, or maybe second to Middle Easters, and it was great to finally have a mainstream Asian super hero who didn't have martial arts or dragon themed powers. I know we'll never get back there, but it seems before DC tries to fairly represent the Transgender community, they would try to do something about their lack of racial diversity first, instead of killing off or vanishing the few characters they have who aren't White or Black.

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I agree. I felt what Judd Winick accomplished with Jason Todd in Under theRed Hood was completely thrown away by what Grant Morrison did in Batman and Robin. I still really liked how Philip Tan drew him in the series and even got a sketch of this Red Hood from him at San Diego Comic Con in 2010. I bought the action figure as well. Really looking forward to getting it in the mail soon.

There is nothing Morrison could do to "throw away" Winick's accomplishments, Winick does that on his own too well to need help. Dude only has two switches: maudlin and topical; he's never fun, or captivating, or creative for that matter. And how did Morrison present the Red Hood any differently then how Winnick did in Under The Red Hood? All he did was expand on the "out for vengeance" persona, I'd say if anything Morrison's iteration of the character conflicted with how he's shown by Dini in Countdown to Final Crisis, but not even that dramatically.