Jenny Sparks

Stormwatch #38: Fights Battalion in a training session. Demonstrates that she can draw upon and manipulate electricity from anything around her that's got the stuff, from Battalion's suit to his brain.

Stormwatch #39: Jumps into a TV set via the radio channels and transports herself across a city through the lamp posts; when she emerges from a cop car's radio she goes through a guy's brain and fries it.

Stormwatch #44: Electrocutes a guy by pulling electricity from the overhead bulb.

Stormwatch #2: By transforming into electricity and riding the current lines, she can move from New York to a town in New Orleans within 10 minutes.

The Authority #2: Fries a bunch of the Children of Gamorra (generic superhuman clones with speed, strength, durability, heat vision).

The Authority #6: Absorbs power from a city's grid to increase the size of her electric form to a huge extent -- in the next issue she was described as being a thousand feet tall, but I don't know whether that's accurate or just hyperbole on the speaker's part.

The Authority #8: Brings down a massive lightning bolt that demolishes Regis' palace.

The Authority #12: Electrocutes "God", an alien being that originally started life on Earth, by frying his brain from inside him......and then dies once the 20th century ends and the 21st begins.

Jack Hawksmoor

Stormwatch #39: Transporting himself from New York City to Lincoln, Nebraska in the span of hours. This is not something he did very often since he later joined the Authority and acquired a far superior mode of transportation (Doors, what else?).

Stormwatch #43: Exhibits post-cognition at a crime scene to divine what happened there from the memories held by the room's components, and precognition when someone comes to the door.

It's like that Poets of the Fall song. "These walls, they whisper secrets and memories thereof....." except, you know, literally.

The Authority #4: Phasing into and emerging out of the ground.

The Authority #7: Acrobatic bullet-dodging.

The Authority #8: Emerging from the ground with enough force to tear apart Regis, a character durable enough to tank (without a scratch) the palace-busting lightning blast seen above in the Jenny Sparks section.

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History Of The Authority #3: A team of scientists who examine Jack estimate that his powers could turn a small country into a graveyard.

But they'd never seen him in real action and likely underestimated him a great deal, especially since they didn't think he could do what he did below.....

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History Of The Authority #3: Jack merges with the city of Tokyo and uses it as a giant battle-suit to defeat a sentient Kansas City from the 70th century that devastated its native timeline, tanked several nukes, faced down an army of superhumans and could lay waste to the entire planet in 72 hours.

The Authority #13: Ordering two apartment blocks to collapse in a manner that killed some army troops below them.

The Authority #16: Phasing a bunch of people into the ground.

The Authority #20: Attacking the rogue Doctor by blowing up gas mains beneath him and collapsing buildings on top of him.

Coup D'Etat: The Authority #1: Phasing several alien giants into the ground, leaving them immobile, and also mentions that he could solidify the ground around their heads to decapitate them.

The Authority #7: Makes the streets of Los Angeles rise up and attack the Godhead.

The Authority #10: Phasing through the walls of the Oval Office.

The Authority #14: Making a glass window explode and directing the shards into a criminal's body, killing him.

The Authority: Scorched Earth: Can pull other people into the ground along with him, and here he explains that when he's phased into a city, he doesn't need to breathe because the city does that for him.

The Authority: Scorched Earth: When St. Petersburg is attacked by the living embodiment of the Sun, Jack alters the city's structure to flood it with the Baltic Sea.

The Authority: Kev: Destroys an alien spaceship by tossing the Eiffel Tower at it.

The Authority: Human On The Inside: Jack's back is broken so badly that neither medical science nor the Engineer's technology can get him back on his feet. He cures himself by opening a door to drop him into Sao Paulo, where the city fixes him up in moments.

The Authority: Revolution #1: Makes two buildings manifest arms to catch a falling Swift.

The Authority: Revolution #2: Lifts a large chunk of concrete debris and tosses it aside.

The Authority: Revolution #4: Matches Paul Revere blow for blow.

To put it into perspective, Revere was strong enough to do this to Apollo:

The Authority: Revolution #6: Tracks a speedster through a city and blocks his path by constructing a wall in front of him in seconds.

The Authority: Prime #6: Uses the city of Bisbee, Arizona as a battle-suit against Henry Bendix.

Countdown: The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm #1: Throws a punch that staggers Donna Troy.

Secret History Of The Authority: Hawksmoor #1: Can see and hear anything that transpires in a city at any given time.

Secret History Of The Authority: Hawksmoor #2: Knocks a woman with low-level superstrength and durability out by increasing the electrical discharge of a nearby lamp by 10,000%.

Secret History Of The Authority: Hawksmoor #3: While depowered, Jack gets blasted by a shotgun twice and then hit by a wrecking ball. He shrugs it off and keeps moving.

Secret History Of The Authority: Hawksmoor #4: While still depowered, Jack picks up a propane truck --- vehicles like that can weigh anything between 40 and 80 tons ---- and tosses it about a hundred feet in the air at a giant killer robot warsuit.

Secret History Of The Authority: Hawksmoor #5: Fights Plo'Raach, one of the City Gods of the 70th century who controlled one-fifth of the planet in that timeline. First Jack tries burying him under several feet of road, then attacking him with seven tons of glass. Neither strategy works and Plo'Raach starts to depower Jack by cutting off his connection to the cities. Jack finally defeats him by ripping off the spire of Tokyo Tower and tossing it at him, and getting Tokyo to amplify the current passing through it by 5000%. This causes an EMP effect that depowers Plo'Raach for two minutes, giving Jack the opening to drag him out of the city to further depower him before beating him to death.

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #3: Punches Superman hard enough that the Man of Steel actually remarks that he felt it.

Midnighter #18: Assassin8, a Midnighter imposter, sets off a nuke in Rio de Janeiro and then drops Jack right into it via a door. It doesn't hurt Jack to any visible extent and he simply teleports back to the Carrier.

The Authority #16: Merges with the island city of Gamorra, taking control of everything inside it, and using its components to murderize Kaizen Gamorra's superhuman clone army.

The Authority #16: Smashes a couple of large wallcrawling tanks by plummeting through them.


Stormwatch #4: Apollo and Midnighter can both go for months at a stretch without eating and suffer no adverse effects.

The Authority #2: Flies halfway around the world in 30 seconds.

The Authority #10: Sterilizes the entire moon against an alien infestation by roasting its surface with heat vision.

The Authority #11: Doesn't need to breathe.

The Authority #16: Wide-range, focused heat vision to incinerate about 2 dozen Krigstein-made superhumans.

The Authority #18: Swims through a lava stream unscathed and demonstrates the range of his hearing.

The Authority #20: Takes the force of ten Hiroshimas straight to the head. He was still able to get up and fight shortly after this.

Coup D'Etat: The Authority #1: Blitzes some alien giants.

The Authority #3: Destroys a spaceship with a docking bay the size of a continent by smashing through it at high velocity.

The Authority/Planetary: Ruling The World: Killing a Bigass Monster with an aerial strike (this is something he actually does a lot, smashing into a target from the sky like an air-to-ground missile and making a huge shockwave in the process).

The Authority: Prime #5: Bulletproof even in a sunlight-deprived state.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #8: Apollo fights Captain Atom and pummels him over and over again, visibly damaging Atom (who was convinced he was going to die from the beating unless he figured out a weakness to exploit) until the latter tricks Apollo into taking the fight to the sun, where he sets Apollo's solar absorption mechanism haywire.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #8: Tanks a blast from Captain Atom.

Midnighter #9: Lifts the Nautilus space station and chucks it through a door towards Earth.

Countdown: Arena #2: States that his vision is acute enough to spot a grain of sand in a desert from orbit, but the Atom gets inside his brain and cuts that short.

The Authority: The Lost Year #5: Apparently has an eidetic memory, though to be honest I've never seen him use it anywhere.

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #5-6: Takes some hits from Doomsday but still keeps fighting alongside Superman and Majestic until they beat him. Finds time to kill the Joker while he's at it because the clown had plot armor against Midnighter.

The Authority: The Lost Year #9: Tanks a heat blast from Hot Chick --- yes, her name is Hot Chick, it was a silly story ---- and remarks that it wouldn't hurt him because he's gone into the sun unharmed.

The Authority #5: Reforms flesh and bone while in the sun.

WildC.A.T.S #20: Endures getting punched all the way to Wales by Sebastian (more or less an evil Majestic), but since the sun was blocked by a photochemical smog in Wales, he started to weaken.


Stormwatch #4: Most effective interrogative technique ever.

The Authority #2: Blitzes one of Gamorra's Superman-lite-lite clones and beats him to death before he can react.

The Authority #7: Breaking swords.

The Authority #10: States that he can survive for short periods in anaerobic environments.

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History Of The Authority #2: Can see through 3D illusions.

The Authority #14: Smashes a man's head into mush.

The Authority #16: Kills 20+ people at once by maneuvering them into position and then ordering the Carrier to vaporize them from space.

The Authority #17: Can pick a lock faster than Hawksmoor, who has enhanced reflexes, can kick the door down.

The Authority #18: Healing properties of his blood.

The Authority #20: Recovers in a few seconds from being kicked by the rogue Doctor.......

.......a man strong enough to do this to Apollo:

The Authority #22: Seth snaps Midnighter's neck, he heals from it in a few minutes and then moves through doors around the world so fast he was never in the same place for more than 1/8th of a second until he jumps into a fighter jet and drives it into his foe. It didn't do anything to Seth, but that's another story.

The Authority #28: Kills Rush and the Surgeon in the time it takes the Colonel to turn his head.

The Authority Annual 2000: Midnighter fights Amaze (a Class 100 brick who could go toe-to-toe with Apollo and Fuji) alongside Apollo, and after she throws him into the Bleed, he gets brought back and then beheads her with one hit.

The Authority Annual 2000: Outmaneuvers a laser that could twist through the air to follow him (like Darkseid's Omega Beams) at point blank range.

The Authority #0: Dodging a bullet from a woman with targeting enhancements and leaving an afterimage in the process.

The Authority #4: Tele-dismemberment of an opponent via a door.

The Authority #5: Holding open the jaws of a 200+ foot tall monster that was trying to eat him.

The Authority #8: Midnighter fights a werewolf that regenerated so fast it had to be fatally wounded every few minutes just to keep it down, and beats it up while going untouched.

The Authority/Lobo: Jingle Hell: Fights Lobo and actually does better against him than Apollo did.

The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin #2: Outfit absorbs light.

The Authority: Revolution #11: Midnighter's creator, Henry Bendix, manipulates the tech in his brain to turn him evil and then makes him fight the Authority. Badnighter (I am not a creative person) takes advantage of Apollo's heat vision to take out the rookie Doctor, and then hits Apollo himself hard enough to make him bleed. Apollo then punches Darknighter (no? Back to the drawing board) in the face and he doors himself away to Krigstein's lab, where he hops into a suit of armor and uses it to beat up Apollo.

The Authority: Revolution #11: Bizarronighter (I'm trying really hard here!) then takes out Engineer with a nanovirus that shuts down her systems, and proceeds to beat the crap out of Hawksmoor.

The Authority: Revolution #12: Tears out Bendix' head and spinal cord with one arm.

The Authority: Prime #3: KO's Winter by cutting off the blood supply to his brain.

Winter was an energy absorber; his powerset was basically Sebastian Shaw with flight. To get an idea of how much damage he could soak, here's Winter vs the High, a Superman analogue strong enough to shatter the moon with one hit.

Punching and kicking wouldn't take down Winter; Midnighter's not strong enough for that. So he picked a less conventional method to deal with an opponent too durable for him to harm by conventional methods.

The Authority: Prime #3: KO's Hellstrike with one kick without his battle computer (look at the second Winter scan, it was disabled by Battalion).

I think Hellstrike's containment suit was vulnerable to sharp objects, but outside of that he was durable enough to take punches and blasts from Majestic and Ladytron.

The Authority: Prime #4: The speedster Impetus tools multiple members of the Authority and Stormwatch until Midnighter breaks his neck.

The Authority: Prime #5: Kicks down a large steel door.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #8: Midnighter breaks Grifter's arm and generally chumps him; until Captain Atom sends a burning Apollo crashing at him through a door from space. Moments later, Midnighter gets up and hits Grifter with three shurikens so fast that Atom himself is taken aback ---- even remarking that he's never seen anyone without powers move that fast (for some reason he was under the impression Midnighter was a regular human).

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #2: Midnighter vs.....Green Arrow.....

Grifter/Midnighter: Uncivil Union: Can survive on the surface of Mars without a problem.

Midnighter #1: Midnighter vs some tanks; he kicks a shell back at the tank that fired it and deflects SMG fire with his staff.

Midnighter #3: Gets run over from head to toe by a timeship, but heals quickly once he's brought onboard and then crashes the ship.

Midnighter #4: Punches through a Nazi's head.

Midnighter #5: First some context: A rich dude named Anton Paulus with nothing better to do with his life had a bomb placed inside Midnighter's body where his second heart used to be and told him that if he ('Nighter) didn't go back in time and kill Hitler, the bomb would be detonated. A series of complicated events later, Midnighter decided to not kill Hitler, and instead found the child version of Paulus from the past and brought him back to the present. Then he told Paulus that if the bomb wasn't removed from his body, he'd kill Kid Paulus and wipe out Adult Paulus' entire future. He then underwent open heart surgery and was fully conscious with a smile on his face while there was a gaping hole in his body.

Midnighter #7: Set on fire? Other people need to worry about stuff like that.

Midnighter #7: Mini-nuke with an explosion powerful enough to be seen from space.

Midnighter #9: Locked in a space station whose inhabitants were infected and mutated by the Hercules virus. First two guys attack, Midnighter tears out one man's spine and beheads the other man with it. Then he encounters some large mutant monsters and uses an explosive dart to kill them.

Midnighter #11: Fights Dawn, a metahuman with a weaker version of Apollo's powerset. Matches her blow-for-blow while not particularly trying to kill her (more on that later).

Midnighter #12: Kills another meta by pushing her into space through a door, where the lack of outer pressure causes her body to explode.

Midnighter #14: Later, while depowered to 70% of his usual capacity, Midnighter kills Dawn and a bunch of other metas in a few seconds.

Midnighter #15: While still depowered, Midnighter gets blitzed by a speedster and then puts him down when he returns for a second run.

Midnighter: Armageddon: Midnighter solos the Mercs ---- a team that's fought all of Stormwatch at once in the past.

I'd put up some of the Stormwatch vs Mercs fights for reference, but I only have about 15 issues from the first volume of Stormwatch. Maybe later.

Wildstorm Revelations #2: Nemesis, Savant and Jet storm the Carrier, but first they prepare a neural inhibitor to weaken the entire Authority. Instead, Midnighter gets soaked in the inhibitor that was supposed to nerf his entire team. While drugged up like that, he fights Nemesis and mostly holds his own, although Nemesis gains the upper hand later when the sludge makes it hard for Midnighter to maintain a grip and Hawksmoor messes things up. After the Carrier's hull is breached, Nemesis teleports away.

The Authority: The Lost Year #3: Facing an army, Midnighter finds a scenario that would allow him to kill them all solo, but abandons it since it would lead to World War III.

The Authority #1: Midnighter kills two Incubites ---- superhuman monsters strong enough to throw around empty train cars, which weigh upwards of 20 tons ---- with some nearby debris and ripped-out train tracks.

The Authority #15: Breaks a dragon's neck.

The Authority #18/WildC.A.T.S#19: Kicked in the face by Sebastian (a meaner, insane Majestic), Midnighter later returns the favor,

WildC.A.T.S #24: Takes down Maul with a nerve-strike. Maul is a Class 100 brick who's wrestled with Captain Atom and occasionally has Majestic-tier strength.

WildC.A.T.S. #25: Midnighter vs Zealot!

They fight H2H for 4 hours non-stop, and then they switch to fighting with weapons, where Midnighter is at a disadvantage because all he's got to counter a kusar blade is a staff. Zealot gets into his head a bit by taunting him about not being able to save his daughter, and then they're both trying to throttle each other until Maul intervenes. I just call this one a draw. Honestly though, Midnighter should have done better.

The Engineer

The Authority #2: Devised a system of radiotelepathy to keep the entire team in non-verbal contact with each other anywhere on the planet.

The Authority #4: Kills a bunch of the Children of Gamorra with a web of knives that can slice through matter at an atomic level.

The Authority #7: Machine gun.

The Authority #9: While living in New York, Angie senses an alien infestation all the way in Central Africa.

The Authority #10: Can restructure her lungs to survive in poisonous environments.

The Authority #11: Every book on the planet can be inscribed on a single drop of her blood.

The Authority #12: Morphs additional tech attachments to her body to make it capable of flying through space.

Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority: Conducts surgery at the molecular level.

The Authority #14: Kills a superstrong metahuman by flying him into space.

The Authority #15: Views an invisible structure by shifting her vision to the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Authority #17: Independently functioning clones......

The Authority #18: .......the likes of which she can safely create up to 82 at once.

The Authority #2: Kills a suicide bomber by injecting him full of liquid nitrogen.

The Authority #3: Immune to lethal toxins sprayed in the air.

The Authority #5: Grows a few hundred feet tall to fight a giant monster.

The Authority #9: Jack and Midnighter are mind-controlled by John Clay, so Angie creates a nanotech infusion to release them from the psionic hold. She also builds restrains strong enough to hold Jack down (in a city, no less).

Coup D'Etat: The Authority: Uses her technopathy to bring down a fleet of fighter jets.

The Authority: Scorched Earth: Preps on the fly to create an inescapable prison for Winter (who was the living embodiment of the Sun itself back then), caging him for potentially billions of years if maintained.




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