Was in the middle of making a Squadron Supreme respect thread but I don't have the time right now to finish it. Putting the stuff I've already compiled here, so I can finish it off later by copying all of this onto the real thread and then deleting this blog.


Supreme Power #1: Vaporizes the family dog in the first manifestation of his heat vision.

Supreme Power #1: Demonstrates that he can see the molecules that make up a leaf; and his first revealed act of flight.

Supreme Power #2: X-ray vision and enhanced hearing.

Supreme Power #4: Flies up into the sky and waits patiently for hours until he hears the Blur (more on him later) start to run from all the way in Atlanta.

Supreme Power #6: He could survive in the conditions of space even as a child. Also a demonstration of the range of his vision.

Supreme Power #7: Views the structure of a burning building with his X-ray vision, and then rescues everyone inside with super-speed before the building collapses.

Supreme Power #9: Takes on an army regiment. Bullets bounce off his skin, tank shells have no effect, the works.

Supreme Power #9-10: Caught at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. It was a chain bomb with around twenty warheads, each warhead being equivalent to a one kiloton atomic burst. Hiroshima was a 13 kiloton atomic explosion, so this bomb was around 50% more devastating than the one dropped on Hiroshima, give or take. Note that my math may be horribly wrong, but I think it's right in this case. Hyperion survives but suffers considerable injuries.

Supreme Power #14: Fights Michael Redstone, a superpowered serial killer who'd received strength and durability on Hyperion's level as the result of a government experiment with Mark's DNA. He manages to match Redstone blow for blow until the latter is finally defeated by Blur using Nighthawk's goo to cut off Redstone's air supply.

This is also a decent durability feat for Blur since he gets back on his feet after a kick from someone as strong as Hyperion.

Supreme Power #17: Shoots himself in the eye and the bullet crumples when it makes contact with his retina. Views a stripper's skeletal structure with X-ray vision.

Supreme Power #18: Flies out into space and then collides with Earth hard and fast enough to create the equivalent of a 1 teraton explosion. The Tunguska event, the largest impact event on Earth on record, was estimated to be at best a 30 megaton explosion, which was about 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, and capable of wiping out a large metropolitan area. A one teraton explosion like the one created by Hyperion would be comfortably more devastating than the Tunguska event, as well as more devastating than Tsar Bomba, the most powerful nuclear device ever created (which was a 50 megaton explosion).

Supreme Power: Hyperion #2: Endures a nuclear blast created by a metahuman named Nuke, this time with no serious injuries at all.

Squadron Supreme #3: A mind-controlled Mark punches Zarda down to the ground in one hit.

Squadron Supreme #7: Fights Michael Redstone again. This time he tries to fly Redstone into space to take advantage of his inability to fly or operate in anaerobic environments, but Redstone had prepped for that by placing a nuke in the vicinity. He forced Hyperion to stand still and take a beating or the nuke would go off, so this is more of a durability display than anything.

Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs Nighthawk #3: Throws a man so far he goes over a distant mountain.

Ultimate Power #3: Destroys Ultimate Sue Storm's force-field with one hit.

Ultimate Power #5: Fights Ultimate Thor for a while, until Ultimate Sue Storm and Johnny Storm show up. He tanks Johnny's nova, breaks Sue's force-field, and then wrecks Thor with his own hammer.

Note that Hyperion had two other fights against Ultimate Thor in Ultimate Power and lost both, but they're not really relevant since Hyperion was weakened by external factors in both those fights while Thor was at his full strength, so it's not an accurate representation of Hyperion's power. The fight above was the only instance of Hyperion at his full strength fighting Ultimate Thor.

Supreme Power #4: Kills a guy by dragging him into space where he suffocates.


Supreme Power #4: Just beating up some thugs. Tosses some blades at them. Usual street level stuff.

Supreme Power #13: Takes a beating from Michael Redstone. It's more of an endurance showing since he can remain conscious and continue to operate after having four of his ribs broken and being punched by someone as strong as Hyperion.

Supreme Power: Nighthawk #5: His costume is fireproof.

Supreme Power: Nighthawk #6: Fires a grapple gun right through his universe's version of the Joker.

Squadron Supreme #6: Incendiary device.

Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs Nighthawk #2 & 4: Creates a device based off blueprints from Emil Burbank that allows him to defeat Hyperion simply by tricking Mark into believing that Kyle can hurt him.

Power Princess

Supreme Power #10: Drains a man's life-force to restore herself to full health.

Supreme Power #10: Heals Hyperion after he is injured by a nuclear explosion.

Squadron Supreme #7: Roughs up Redstone and then flies a van containing a nuke from downtown LA to space in under a minute, and then survives the explosion when the bomb goes off. How much damage the explosion did, if it did any, isn't revealed since the book was cancelled at issue 7. She was still running around punching stuff later, so at the very least she survived it.

Ultimate Power #6: Fights Ultimate Ben Grimm. The fight never reached a conclusion, but she seemed to have the upper hand at the end.

Ultimate Hulk Annual #1: Beats up the Ultimate Wrecking Crew.

Ultimate Hulk Annual #1: Wrecks Ultimate Hulk.

Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #2: Tears Ultimate Iron Man's armor apart.

Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #4-5: Fights Ultimate Thor twice. The first time around, he KO's her; the second time she stops holding back and fights him to a standstill (Cap calls them evenly matched) until Iron Man shows up in his......elephant armor?

Doctor Spectrum

Supreme Power #5: While in a coma induced by the crystal, a paramedic touches him and is transmuted into........something, I think it's salt (it's not really specified).

Supreme Power #8: Spectrum's first fight with Hyperion. Notable because Mark had literally never felt pain before in his entire life before he was attacked by Ledger. Mark comes off looking better by the end of it, however, seeing as his wounds weren't really serious while Joe was injured enough that he needed to fly away and enter a hibernation state to recover.

Doctor Spectrum #3: While in a coma induced by the crystal, he gets operated on by a group of doctors trying to remove the crystal by severing his hand. The crystal instinctively incinerates them and hollows out a chunk of the building.

Squadron Supreme #3: Spectrum (along with Hyperion) is mind-controlled by a telepath until Zarda breaks him out of it; the crystal then takes over and flies to Hyperion to release him from the mind control.

Squadron Supreme #5: Reacts at the speed of thought to block bullets and create a force-field.

Squadron Supreme #7: Inadvertently fries a helicopter's systems and teleports inside it.

Squadron Supreme #8: Phasing through the side of a jet.

Supreme Power #1: Bulletproof.

Supreme Power #1: Fights a super-strong telepath. At first the guy tries to make Spectrum kill himself and fails; then they have a old fashioned bare knuckles fight. When Spectrum starts to lose, the crystal takes over and obliterates the other guy.

Supreme Power #4: Spectrum's second fight with Hyperion, and he's got about 8 years of experience with his powers this time. It ends with a gigantic explosion at the end of the Earth reminiscent of the one Mark himself created in Supreme Power #18, and Hyperion seemingly defeated. Although it's a bit ambiguous as to whether Joe actually defeated Mark and dragged him back to confinement or if the crystal brainwashed both of them in preparation for the upcoming invasion of Earth by Mark's people. Evidence seems to point to the latter.


Supreme Power #6: Perceives Hyperion moving at super-speeds when no one else can.

Supreme Power #13-14: Runs across three states in fifteen minutes, after first investigating the locations of four women.

Squadron Supreme #5: Disarms three men in about a second.

Squadron Supreme #6: Moves too fast for motion detectors to track.

Ultimate Power #2: Blitzing Ultimate Thing. He doesn't actually hurt Ben all that much, but his hands don't break, so....

Ultimate Power #2: Runs from New York to Indiana (nearly 700 miles each way, give or take) in the time it takes Hyperion to fall from the sky to the ground.

Ultimate Power #6: Goes toe-to-toe with Ultimate Quicksilver. They fight for a while, moving so fast that no one else can even see them, until a lightning bolt from Doom knocks them both out.

Squadron Supreme #5: Creates a vacuum.


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