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@DocFatalis: And now we've delved into an argument on what the fabrics of race are. Honestly, I notice the physical differences between different people from different parts of the world. I'm not saying it's particularly important as we are all Homo Sapiens, but the differences are still apparent and made obvious. Different people were raised in different parts of the world and the differences aren't limited to cultural preferences because they've developed genetically transmitted physical characteristics due to descending from a common ancestor. It does not reflect behavioral differences according to the Encyclopedia.

Either way, that whole one human race thing doesn't make it right that there are only three black speedsters that don't compare to the other speedsters who all happen to be Caucasian. Like I said Wally runs 15x the speed of light. And the fastest actually black speedster so far only goes 300 mph. Both of them being homo sapiens doesn't account for that.

So when someone from the south of France with ancestors from central Asia marries someone from Western Africa with ancestors from Antilles and they have children, what is the race of the children please?

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@DocFatalis: Ya. That's what ethnicity is for. It's what cultural group you recognize yourself with. You know American, Canadian,Mexican etc.

And as for the race comment, honestly I don't know who any of those people you mentioned are, but what I learned is that they are divisions involving involving physical characteristics. Those people must have had personal opinions on it, but that's just them.

Yes, the Human race is the important one. But it doesn't hurt to realize that some are Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, or Asian.

Well the people I have quoted were all the reference in that field of expertise in their time. Lévi Strauss being the most recent. Modern philosophy (and the UN by the way) considers the concept of race as defined by physical or biological characteristic as irrelevant and the use of this word to characterize a group other than by its customs and cultural heritage as erroneous. It is very sad if your definition indeed comes from the Webster. Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say: "race, the idea that the human species is divided into distinct groups on the basis of inherited physical and behavioral differences. Genetic studies in the late 20th century refuted the existence of biogenetically distinct races, and scholars now argue that “races” are cultural interventions reflecting specific attitudes and beliefs that were imposed on different populations in the wake of westernEuropean conquests beginning in the 15th century."

was right, there is only one definition, and it is not skin colored related nor linked to the shape of your face. There is no white race, yellow race black race and then subdivisions anymore. This has very officially ceased to be, and for a very good reason: the really important differences are all cultural.

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I will give give this to

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@Jorgevy: And for your other comment. There's a difference between race and ethnicity. Race is the big collective group. Like Black, white, Hispanic etc. Your example was ethnicity. It's like me saying why are there no Vietnamese or Ecuadorian speedsters. What you said has nothing to do with it. I'm talking about the race collectively.

Except the concept of race never stopped fluctuating in between the end of the nineteenth century and the present time: Deniker then Montandon, then Vallois gave definitions that were less and less related to physical characteristics, and then after second world war and its use of the concept of race as an excuse to instill hatred, Lévi-Strauss demonstrated that the concept of race based up on biology is completely irrelevant and that the cultural background is the only important factor allowing to differentiate the human beings as groups. The only "race" that is currently accepted as existing without controversy, is the Human one.

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@DocFatalis: When I said put Brainiac in Doom's shoes I was going an example: an image. But, Doom actually failed at getting into the Source Wall.

He's on that list. And I'm going to give you a link where you actually see hi on the source wall.

That is real btw. Lex Luthor and Darksied has survived. You should also watch this "

Yes, some people has managed to get inside but, I think Lex Luthor was the first to actually get out by himself. Now if Brainiac 5 was to get the FULL anti-life equation he would most likely beat Doom even with the IG. The thing is that I don't like how Marvel goes into details and bout their gods and stuff and it never really makes sense to me. I think the IG matches living tribunal powers and when Thanos or Dr. Doom get's it they somehow ends up losing it. That's means they can be defeated.

You are using a non canon story at best. If I remember correctly, the panel you are referring to was even a joke from the writers.

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@joshmightbe: I just read Earth 1610 on Comicvine and he was killed by the thing. Brainiac 5 is smarter than Dr. Doom. And he is one of the many few who can acces the anti-life equation which Dr. Doom failed at doing becuase he wasn't a "12th level intellect". Now put Brainiac in Dr. Doom's shoes.

-Brainiac is evil but, still as smart as he was when he was good

-Brainiac is smarter than Dr. Doom

-Dr. Doom relies on his smarts for world domination

-Brainiac sets out to do everything Dr. Doom has done

Don't you think he can pull the smae things off being that he is smarter and this time he is evil? And Doom relies on his smarts to get what he wants. And did you even bother to read the post?

When the hell did this happen?

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This is spite, without preparation the bats can not hope to defeat beings 20 times over stronger than they are and fast enough to dodge bullets.

This is a mismatch.

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Along the years, DC has become completely inconsistent and ridiculous with the flash's power set. If we combine all the things they have given him access to and the speed at which he is supposed to be able to perform them, there is virtually need for absolutely no one else. every declared enemy becomes a beaten one before the fight has even begun. It is completely stupid.

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If this is movie Bane, then Riddick has it all: he's so much more skilled in combat and so much faster.

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@highaccuser said:

When the gems formed nemesis, of course nemesis could make universes. she controls more power than just the combined gems, she also has some of the energy she scattered making reality. When the time and reality gems gained sentience and went rouge, couldn't they have stolen power from nemesis to make the universes? im asking for proof they didnt

There really is nothing to suggest this, that Nemesis has more control or anything about combined gems, all that was ever stated was this:

The way i interpret it, it suggests all the 7th gem did was grant them independent action as opposed to increase their powers.

There really is nothing suggesting their powers were increased. After all without EGO gem they already have control over everything in the universe, they already have control over everything, ego can also be controlled by soul gem anyways.

So i dont really think Nemesis is like an amped up version of anything, difference is without ego gem IG was a tool for someone to use, with ego gem it was a sentience being, an engine of creation.

I agree with those statements entirely. The name of the Ego gem is self explanatory.