hulks vs wolverines

rules are simple: all powers are at max levels only one team can be left alive

Worldbreaker Hulk, Skaar, Rulk, She-Hulk, A-bomb


Wolverine, Daken, Romulus, X-23, Sabretooth

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Probably the hulks, seeing none of wolverines blades were able to cut through his skin or any of the sort.

Posted by VenomousDragon

Worldbreaker solos

stomp spite.

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World Breaker Solos. A bomb solos. Jeez this is one of the worst spite threads i've seen in a while. Skaar probably takes out half the team. In before wolverine fanboys.

Posted by OldManJoe

I like team Wolverine more, but there is no way in hell that they could beat a max power team Hulk.

Posted by venomoushatred1001

@VenomousDragon said:

Worldbreaker solos

stomp spite.