My All-Star Squadron

This is my idea of the new All-Star Squadron. This would probably become a major crossover for all of my future fanfics. The plot would be that a group of villain's led by Circe are searching for the Spear of Longinus to control all of earth's magic users. As a result, Rick Flag Jr. is tasked with building a team to secure the spear. They is also a hidden agenda of the U.S. government to see how well an independent team can perform as compared to the Justice League. During the struggle they would be aided by the Justice League, Justice League Dark, the JSA, the Teen Titans, Apex (reluctantly convinced by Strife and Medusa), and the Dreis Magi Clan. They would also recieve continued support from S.H.A.D.E., the Suicide Squad, and the DEO's Core Group. After the eventual success of their mission, the U.S. Government begins to organize the remaining members into a specialized army, capable of defeating the Justice League if they ever needed to (Kind of like what Luther, Waller and Cadmus were trying to do in the first two seasons of Justice League Unlimited). Please comment if you can!

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