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As a small government guy, I can say that there is a huge liberal bias in college where many leftist Professors regularly shoved their political views on to the class. I think there is room for having great political discussions where the Professor plays Devil's Advocate and throws out ideas to challenge all people's views and push people outside their comfort zone, but that is never how these professor's operated. It was always a mocking of the right, a straight up proclamation of liberal views as superior or a challenge to anyone who disagreed with the teacher's views. Occasionally, I or someone else would debate with a professor, but it's very difficult to debate on a random subject that the Professor knew was coming and you didn't. It's also difficult because the Professor has built in credibility, so it's an uphill battle all the way. If you don't have an instant answer for every question which a professor thought of in advance. Then you look stupid.

Anyway, I never saw non-liberal ideas get officially shut down, but the culture is very biased, and it's a shame because it really does hurt those who aren't challenged to think outside the box. If professors would challenge all ideas, I'd have massive respect for them, but when teachers only spout off ideas from one side of the political spectrum and tries to take apart ideas on the other side, it's rather transparent that their goal is indoctrination.

Several times in my college, I have witnessed both liberal and non-liberal ideas get shut down; and I go to college in Manhattan (pretty liberal environment). You're overgeneralizing your experience with college faculty to all colleges across the country. Most professors are fair and professional (at least in my experience), but if you speak out of turn to bring up politics in class you better have damn good evidence as to why this rant is relevant to the lecture and why you stand by the allegation. It's not about persecuting students for their politics, it's about using critical thinking to separate fact from opinion.

Furthermore, empirical evidence isn't political brainwashing. Most leftist theories are well rooted in peer reviewed studies and have credible data to support them. Just because it's harder to prove trickle-down economics or harder to disprove links to man-made climate change doesn't mean that the colleges are going out of their way to support liberal ideology and undermine conservatism. Some viewpoints are just more compatible with the scientific method than others.

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Enid was the girls name.

To me the most interesting character was the hair cutter's husband. He's only around for like 20 seconds but anyone purposely cast in a shadow is probably going to be a badass--which is good because right now Alexandria looks like a bunch of pushovers and if there's no conflict from someone who can actually challenge Rick than the show is going to get boring again.

I like Rick and the gang but they haven't been marginally challenged since the "outdoor cats" that claimed Daryl. They could use a good villain before Negan shows up.

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Stormcloak 4 life

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No...just no.

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Not proud of it, being that it isn't an actual accomplishment.

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They're wearing more clothes...so what? You guys do realize that even if you see the curves you can't touch them (cause they're cartoons) right? You could also use your imagination or temporally close the game to look at an endless supply of free internet porn? I don't get this controversy.

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I never though I would say this, but I'm kind of tired of the constant boobs in my face. The way women are often portrayed in comics, video games and other media aimed at young male audiences is just so clearly exploiting the female image to pander to hormone soaked dudes.

When I see young nearly naked women these days, I think, "Go put some clothes on, young lady!"

Clearly I'm maturing...

Or turning gay. Both are options.

I agree with you, it makes seeing boobs less special :/

I actually agree with this.

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Bacon is love. Bacon is life.

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He's already an Agent of Shield in his cartoon. Obviously that's not the same as MCU but because I've already seen the cartoon play out the stress of his role in SHIELD along with his hero and private lives I wouldn't be interested in it.

Ideally, since Spiderman is supposed to be more identifiable with younger audiences, the best way to utilize him would be in a Netflix miniseries. Hopefully some buzz from that could lead to a DareDevil crossover.

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Kind of over high school romcoms where all the leads are in their 30's. Hitting my 20's has made me a little too jaded to be in this movie's demographic.