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No. I miss the good old days when villains didn't need to be humanized. Bad guys could be bastards and we didn't have to throw Dr. Phil therapy sessions to get at the roots of their problems. If monsters need an explanation for why they are a monsters, they probably aren't monsters at all.

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@squares said:
@bruxae said:

Because sex feels good and is healthy, assuming you use protection.

Maybe after you've had it once you'll understand. :- )

Wonder what the OP thinks of all this.

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The foundation of liberalism (which has been adopted by all western democracies) is that all opinions shall be tolerated (unless the opinion in question advocates intolerance). If you toss out one idea you essentially forfeit them all. Aside from the intolerance rule their is no precedent for banning an idea in a civilized society. Even if an ideology ignores common sense and is unpopular, neither criticism is a sufficient warrant to prohibit the voicing of such an opinion.

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Yes. Federal institutions are more accountable for their actions, since their f*ck *ps are harder to hide. Leaving mental health institutions to states means the people have to check up on 50 bureaucracies instead of one large entity. That also means that some states could just toss their crazies in solitary and abuse the system to purposefully neglect them.

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Gina by all standards...but I do appreciate Jone's camel toe.

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lol at the OP. Some people actually believe that you can only be in a serious relationship if you're married. As if moving into a home with someone you just committed your life to is any safer. There's always going to be risk in realationships but that doesn't mean we have to live just as our great-grandparents did. Times change, get over it.

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*Edited and expanded.

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@joygirl: Bleep, Marry, Kill: X-23, Jean Grey, Domino?

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@impurestcheese: Just a little pet peeve of mine when writing: always try to match punctuation with description. If you "snap","roar", "bark" or "hiss" the punctuation should reflect that. All caps, italics, bold lettering, and exclamations are tools that can be used to convey those descriptions and when you don't it comes off as a missed opportunity to keep the readers attention. You don't need to go overboard and shout with every line, but when you have something you want the readers to pay attention to you should use these mechanics to demand their attention. It can really help keep things in character.

This chapter was short and effective. Not only does it tie in a bunch of continuity, it lets readers know that Gaia is possibly dangerous and definitely one of the smarter characters in the universe. Something tells me that Stallion just picked a fight with the wrong woman. ;)

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@impurestcheese: Okay so let's start in order:

PSOC 18: I don't think I've ever said this about a title before, but I could use a little less action. The title is good but sometimes it feels like I'm watching the Expendables (before the sequels); I'm having fun with the action scenes but it just feels as if every character is fighting for the sake of fighting without rhyme or reason. The story could use more suspense, leading up to the action and developing more on characters before one is at risk of dying. I could see how that might completely flip the dynamic of the book but I think it would improve the story.

Five Star 1: Solid opening and easy to follow. Not really sure what to think yet cause it's a first issue. I'll comment better once it gets a new issue. I would give this it's own thread though.