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Morgan Freeman for when I'm rational and Samuel L. Jackson when I'm perturbed.

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@joshmightbe: Don't want to commit to anything if I don't know the rules or the subject. Since this is your idea why don't you just set up an OP for the official contest, then those who are interested will be given a deadline, just like CCC.

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@joshmightbe: Do we have to write a zero issue or is it just a pitch?

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I think it works better if the writer builds up to that moment with text. Even then it's really only good for a couple of pages. Doing a whole book like that would be annoying.

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Had an idea I don't think anyone has tried. What about an expanded universe that combines Marvel and DC. Unlike Amalgam it doesn't fuse characters together, it just puts them all in one universe and only alters a background if it contradicts two characters. Example: Hercules and Wonderwoman can know each other from Olympus, or Deathstroke's serum could be an synthesized version of Captain America's serum, etc.

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Happy Birthday!

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Welcome to yet another publication of the Writers Guild.

This week we have the latest installment of The Patron Saint of Crime from @impurestcheese. Lets have a look:

Patron Saint of Crime 16# - Burning Trails

El Paso Police Station

Gillian West shuffled the papers on her desk as she watched the heavy set man lounging on the chair, as if he was currently sitting in the lounge of a five star hotel. His grin infuriated her, and by the looks of it, he knew it. "The case is very much an open and shut affair." She announced through gritted teeth as she put the papers down. "Now make your life easier and give us the location of your partners."

"I have no partners lady, not anymore, but I do have something you want." Zimmerman announced as he drummed his fingers against the desk. "Or should I make that someone?"

"Don't test me! Give me your associates location or you get a free pass to a little bay in Cuba called Gittmo. I can charge you with terror offenses after your attack on that parking garage downtown!" West snapped as Zimmerman traced a symbol on the desk.

"Siwang was there and I know all about her 'kills', if they can be called that." Zimmerman told her coolly, "No offense meant to your deceased colleagues of course."

"What do you mean?" Gillian hissed.

"Siwang doesn't kill, she uses a toxin to put her victims into a death like state before reviving them somehow. Sorry to say it but the rot outside on the street is inside your cop shop." Zimmerman stated as he watched a look of disbelief spread across Gillian's face.

"That can't be true!" Gillian affirmed as she glowered at Zimmerman. "Enjoy Cuba, you are going to be there for a while."


Prometheus Experimental Arms and Armor Technologies, Outskirts of El Paso

Hydraulic joints whined as the four figures watched as the armored humanoid stretched it's arms to warm up the suit.

Sleek, elegant, and armored plated, the Valkyrie Frontline Infantry Support Trailblazer unit looked like a woman smothered in matte black metal. Emerging from the other end of the room, a group of twelve men armed with various weapons fanned out, taking up positions behind cover.

"Are you ready Ms. Sedova?" Jena asked down the headset as the two figures behind her started counting down the timer, as the fourth figure simply crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Ready--but these guys aren't. " Sedova answered as a pair of men advanced towards her. "So when does the test...crud."Before she could finish one of the men broke from cover and ran at her, with a backpack fueled acetylene torch already lit and ready. With a grunt Sedova pushed the man away with the palm of her hand as seconds later the others opened fire. The bullets ricocheted off her armor. Springing to life, Sedova darted to the nearest man, before leaping over five feet of cover, landing feet first on the man.

"Where are the guns on this thing?" Sedova swore as one of the gunmen threw his pistol away and pulled out a sniper rifle.

"Activating Arm Mounted Grenade Launchers, you now have four 40mm grenades at your disposal." Jena announced as a flap on the armour's left srm opened and a thick projectile streaked out. It bore through the cover and smashed the gunman's leg. For a second there was a break in fire as the nine remaining fighters looked on in fear. The majority began to move forward as two of them provided cover fire, rounds biting into Valkyrie's armored chassis.

"Okay this hurts." Sedova announced. "Any ideas Black Box?"

"Smoke and Stealth coming up." Jena answered as thick gouts of smoke leaked out the back of the suit to create a black smokescreen. Inside the cloud, the Valkyrie Armour shimmered before micro camera foil on the armours under-weave leaked onto the surface, obscuring the suit from view. As the smoke cleared the gunmen stopped and looked around, fear and surprise spread across their faces.

"Carmine, Owens switch to thermal and find her!" One of the gunmen yelled. "Jackson get me my bow. I plan to add our wannabe cyber goddesses head on my wall!!"

"Roger that Orion." Jackson yelled as he ran back towards the door, only to fall to the ground, his feet cauterized by a nano fibre tripwire that was spun across the portal.

"Be aware that the guys with the thermal goggles will spot you as a massive thermal smear. Take action to remove them from the equation before they spot you." Jena announced as Sedova waited for both men with the night vision goggles to face her. With a casual wave of her hand she activated the suits strobe lights. The men recoiled as Valkyrie surged forward and aggressively threw them away.

"So do I have the solution to your problem Mr Weaver?" Jena asked the man standing in the shadows behind her. Weaver didn't reply, he simply nodded in response. "So now all we need to do is find her."

"Don't worry about that." James announced as Sedova defeated the last of the gunmen. "I know how to lure her from her sanctuary."


The Church, Under Altura Park

Siwang sat in the armory, humming softly as she re-strung her compound bow, occasionally ribbing charred pieces of metal off the weapons arms.

"You okay?" A latino voice inquired as Siwang put the bow down and picked up a quiver loaded with arrows.

"I'm fine Jael." Siwang answered as the Hispanic woman walked over to the work bench. "Is there something going on?"

"Potentially. " Jael answered. Siwang picked up a bandolier as rows of steel-throwing balls attached to the strap. "The police arrested Zimmerman and pulled Hector out of the wreckage, he's en route to the hospital as we speak. What Vance discovered relates to something else, it relates to Soko."

"A sighting?" Siwang asked as Jael nodded. "Where?"

"The Community College, people were reporting a man stabbing students with a knuckle duster. That matches Soko's trademark weapon."

"Good enough. I'm in a bad move and Soko...I owe Soko a good beating." Siwang snarled. "If it is him get Vance to call James. Soko's word is all I need to clear my name for his son's murder."

Please remember to read, enjoy, and comment.

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Sorry, I have no really knowledge outside of the late 80's early 90's films. Who is their to write besides the turtles, splinter, and that jersey guy with the hockey mask?

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