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EARTH 4774 by @dngn4774

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 1

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 2

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 3

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 4

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 5

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 6

Teen Titans Chapter 1

Brothers in Darkness Chapter 1

EARTH-1222 by @banestrokelobogrundybatarrow

Earth-1222 Part 1

Earth-1222 Part 2

Earth-1222 Origin: Arklight

Earth-1222 The Great War Part 1 (Question)

Earth-1222 The Great War Part 2 (Question)

Earth-1222 The Great War Conclusion (Question)

EARTH 1602 by @wildvine

DC 1602: The Dark Knight

DC 1602: The Green Lady

DC 1602: The Green Lady pt 2

EARTH 2020 by @calvalier

Earth 2020: Kal-El the Conqueror Part 1

Earth 2424 by @18hunt

Earth 2424: Black King Teth Adam #1

Earth 2424: Black King Teth Adam #2

Earth 217 by @delek_reap

Earth 217 Batboy/Catgirl #1

Earth 2.5 by @2099man

Earth 2.5: Samaritan No:1

Earth 2.5: Samaritan No: 2

Earth 1616 by @clemj

Earth 1616: Disband part one


EARTH-1992 by @avenging_x_bolt

Earth 666 by @bronze_surfer

Earth 1008 by @jsykes24

Also, I just wanted to add that the New Multiverse is welcoming anyone who is interested in joining. For more details you can check out our sign up sheet.

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Posted by 18hunt

This is awesome thnx man

Posted by dngn4774

@18hunt: Yeah I'm on the site a lot so I can update pretty quickly. I'm gonna try to take things slow, then I'll start to organize the group once we all have some free time in the summer.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

As people who already have a library. When should you start making a library for your fanfic, About how many issues?

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@jnr6lil: I usually wait till I have three or four issues in. If it's an entire group you should start the library as soon as the third writer publishes. That's just me though.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

@dngn4774: I have possible tie-ins for mines, but the third issue of my main series is being posted tomorrow.

Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

Oh hey I have made my other two chapters to the question story line

Posted by 2099man

Ok. I just created Samaritan No:1. the 1st story for Earth 2.5.

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Bumped and edited!

Posted by 2099man


hate to be a bother but is the project still on?

Posted by dngn4774

@2099man: No. I needed a break from my dc fics so I've been working on other projects. You can continue working on Earth 2.5 if you want to but it's going to be a while before I'm ready to do any crossovers.