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EARTH 4774 by @dngn4774

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 1

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 2

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 3

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 4

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 5

Lucifer Grimm Chapter 6

Teen Titans Chapter 1

Brothers in Darkness Chapter 1

EARTH-1222 by @banestrokelobogrundybatarrow

Earth-1222 Part 1

Earth-1222 Part 2

Earth-1222 Origin: Arklight

Earth-1222 The Great War Part 1 (Question)

Earth-1222 The Great War Part 2 (Question)

Earth-1222 The Great War Conclusion (Question)

EARTH 1602 by @wildvine

DC 1602: The Dark Knight

DC 1602: The Green Lady

DC 1602: The Green Lady pt 2

EARTH 2020 by @calvalier

Earth 2020: Kal-El the Conqueror Part 1

Earth 2424 by @18hunt

Earth 2424: Black King Teth Adam #1

Earth 2424: Black King Teth Adam #2

Earth 217 by @delek_reap

Earth 217 Batboy/Catgirl #1

Earth 2.5 by @2099man

Earth 2.5: Samaritan No:1

Earth 2.5: Samaritan No: 2

Earth 1616 by @clemj

Earth 1616: Disband part one


EARTH-1992 by @avenging_x_bolt

Earth 666 by @bronze_surfer

Earth 1008 by @jsykes24

Also, I just wanted to add that the New Multiverse is welcoming anyone who is interested in joining. For more details you can check out our sign up sheet.


New Multiverse Sign-up Sheet

Looking for anyone who is interested in making DC Fanfiction. Each writer gets their own universe and is allowed to do whatever he/she chooses to do with their characters. We'll collaborate on a Crisis event/Boomtube crossovers once everyone gets their stories sorted out. All you have to do is come up with an original name for your universe and let your imagination run wild. If you're interested just let me know!


The New Multiverse: EARTH 4774

Hey guys! I just wanted to announce that I'm going to be starting my own universe. Like the thread title says, it's called EARTH 4774. Right now it will serve as a tagline for my independent work. Hopefully it will become part of a much larger multiverse (if you're interested in creating your own dc Universe under my banner).

I can't tell you much now but it's basically going to be my take on the DC universe. It hinges around a collection of groups and their associations with one another. My two main titles will be Lucifer Grimm and the upcoming Flagship Comics. I'm also interested in publishing more popular titles revolving around my favorite DC heroes.

If there's something you would like to see me write or if you interested in joining the New Multiverse just let me know.