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Okay, that makes sense, G-Man.  It's my own suck-y fault ;-)

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Came back on comicvine to check something out only to spot that someone's erased all the words for my top 250 comic cover countdown.  I mean, huh?  Shouldn't I have been asked first about this?

Not happy, people.

Okay I'm gone again.

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Good call, inferiorego.  I'm surprised the companies stress themselves out trying to get all these books out at this time of year.  Trying to pick up comics over the holiday period in Ireland last year was a nightmare.  I'll probably not call into the score until after New Year now.

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I'm 38, which puts me at second on the golden oldies list, from a quick scan of the forum (damn you, avantar!).

I find it interesting that there are so many teens on the list as I kinda felt that comics were a thing for my generation - I guess maybe the movies have got people reading them again.  Am I right?  Anyway, bodes well for the future.

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I'd love to see Rogue get another shot at an ongoing.  I think any solo series needs to give thought to not only the character but where they are going to be, what they are going to do and who is going to be in the supporting cast (a good example of creating a template for this was what Dan Slott did with She Hulk).  Rogue's never really felt 'grounded' in this way, but I'm looking forward to see what Mike Carey's going to do with her in the new year in X-Men Legacy.

I agree with those who felt that the Emma Frost series was good - it's a shame that they didn't seem to know how to pitch the series from day one (sexy Greg Horn covers, but inside stories about a schoolgirl - oops! very confusing for the reader).

Darwin to have a series?  That's a pretty good shout too. 

I love Madrox but he's doing just fine over at X Factor.

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Yup I can relate the screaming wallet syndrome.  I recently realised that I was picking up more than 20 titles a month and felt both horrified and ashamed.  I've since dropped five titles and the axe is hovering over a couple more.  On the minus side, I've added Ultimatum and intend to pick up Dark Avengers and Spider-woman in the new year. 

"Hulk is just stupid fun."  Agreed.  Those splash pages are mad.  She Hulk has had a dip in quality since Slott dropped off the book but I still like Peter David's writing so I'm happy to keep picking it up.

PS Big respect for dipping into Marvel Illustrated.  Roy Thomas' takes on Moby Dick and The Picture of Dorian Gray rocked.

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There seems to be a problem with the review stars.  I've noticed that books I'm giving 1 or 2 star reviews to are getting double the points when I post!  User Englentine has also had this problem.  This only seems to occur with the actual reviews at the bottom of the page - the star rating at the top of the page, bizarrely, records the rating correctly.

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big thank you to Red Lamp - my points are correct!  Hurrah!

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I'm not certain about this.  As a big Rogue fan, I'd love to follow her 30s adventures (I know from the ads that she's featuring) but I can't help feeling that it all seems a little too close to Sin City territory for my liking and I'm not really a big fan of that series.  If it was something like the Alan Moore penned 80s Night Raven stories (from Marvel UK), then I would be seriously excited.  As it is it's 50/50 whether I'll pick this up and if I do it's only to see how they do Rogue.

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Like Darkchild, I have had a number of posts where points have not been added, e.g. earlier today, 200 points for Daredevil 8.  Weirdly though, I've just done a summary for Daredevil 9 and those points have been attributed to me.