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I've been hanging on through Rick Remender's run of Cap, probably a lot longer than I should have. There have been plenty of "red flags" that seem out of character for Steve but I continued on. Reading a few fan articles about those red flags today helped to convince me to drop this series.

Captain Falcon looks interesting (Planet Hydra) but it's probably better I watch from the sidelines on this one.

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Don't focus so much on whether the comic character is "part of the illuminati", just focus on the hand motion he uses to web shoot.

Minus the thumb it makes the devil horns which of course is most on display in heavy metal music but it goes back even farther than that. Before heavy metal other musicians used it too like the Beetles and MJ to name a few. It's not blatant you have to look carefully, there are plenty of youtube videos that point it out. Many modern pop artists use it today as well among other symbols.

Also the devil horns have an older term called "Mano Cornuto"

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WOW and I didn't even vote in this one. I'm so proud ^_^

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Was Thor 2 better than Thor 1? In many ways, but overall it still felt "meh". Maybe I need to see it a second time. One of the worst things about this film was the humor in the final battle.Not as ridiculous as Iron Man 3, but close.

To Quote SauronsBANE1

"What did The Avengers do so well that will work for future Marvel movies? Guaranteed, at the top of the list were the words: As many hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments as we can fit into the script"

The best part of the film however was the final scene in the movie, I should have seen it coming ^_^

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@danhimself: I'll admit I did think it was an event at first but this makes more sense

You'd think as comic readers we'd know how this works by now.

Event: House of M - Landscape: Decimation

Event: Civil War - Landscape: The Initiative

Event: Secret Invasion - Landscape: Dark Reign

Event: Seige - Landscape: Heroic Age (a very weak landscape)

Event: War of Kings - Landscape: Realm of Kings

Event: Fear Itself - Landscape: Shattered Heroes (also meaningless)

Event: Avengers vs X-Men - Landscape: MARVEL NOW! (it's more of a refresh)

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I'll most likely pass on this one.

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Hope it's better than IM3

Oh it will be. It better be.

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How long will Marvel events pale in comparison and stand in the shadow of to their greatest event ever (imo)?

Granted I didn't read every event story so if there are any that are up there let me know.

Anyway I'm 99.9% sure Hickman will deliver, now that he's finally been given a shot.

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@guardiandevil83: long enough to get those civilians out of danger yes. And he wouldn't be expecting it either since he isn't aware of that power.

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I'm so glad I skipped this "event"

Hickman don't fail me now!