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@John Valentine: what did you think of WatX 14?

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This forum has been so dead lately! Let's pick it up. I do not care what we talk about. What do you want to see changed? What has pissed you off lately? What have you been loving lately? What writers do you want to see take over? What artists? What characters do you want to be enemies? What characters should date? How do you like the JGS? How do you like the extinction team? Anything at all

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@PhoenixoftheTides said:

I will scan it in the comic book store before I decide. I'm not a Wolverine fan in the first place so this whole series is tailor made for me to ignore.

This. I am not a fan of wolverine at all. the best part of WatX is the lack of wolverine and the concentration on the school, kids, and faculty.

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I agree. I think the only X-books I will read in WatX, UXM, and Legacy. Once Legacy and UXM are gone it is just WatX for me. Maybe I will pick up Adjectiveless, but probably not.

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Will anyone actually get this? After some thought, I think it is better if I boycott the book. Hopefully bad sales will drive Bendis away from the X-Men

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@Rickbarry: hahaha so true. Oh well, I will put money that Kitty and Piotr will end up together again.

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@MarvelGrey: Idk. Cyclops has always wanted to do great things to finally get humanity to like mutants, I think that is why the only thing he has gone overboard with is threatening Xavier. Emma and Namor have ALWAYS had a darker side to their personality; Hell, even as a headmistress to Xavier's, Emma was torturing X23 to make her leave, and she was just a kid. Magik, even in the original New Mutants, was always a brat; She would leave people in Limbo and just laugh, she would do all kinds of misdeeds; besides, she does have a soul corrupted by black magic. and Piotr has had a rough time with his anger since Cytorrak took over; I would be pissed off too if Cytorrak wouldn't leave me and the woman I loved wouldn't take me back, nothing worse than having ultimate that cannot give you what you really desire.

The Phoenix is just amplifying those already existing traits, making them easily exploitable. So far, to me, it is good canon with the force because the only destructive thing they have done is destroy Wakanda and enslave the Avengers. Otherwise it has make the planet healthier, which is it's main purpose. In Excalibur 25 (1st series), Galactus was about to rip the Phoenix from Rachel, but was intervened by the Watcher, Death, and that woman who gave Capitain Britain his uniform; they said that for everything the phoenix destroys, it ultimately brings it to life in the universe. With this arc, which I am not a terrible fan of either, the Phoenix destroyed a lot, so having it start to bring life just makes since. Besides, it is silly to think that any of these avatars are capable to control the Phoenix, especially since they each have 25% instead of 20%, with the downfall of Namor.

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@Romulus9000: I agree fully. Colossus even says that he can read her mind that she still loves him.

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@Rickbarry: Who? Bendis, I agree. He is a tool, and just because USM (1st series) was amazing, doesn't mean he is the best there is. I mean how easy is it to write a good book where you get to invent the entire universe that it exists in? While writers like: DeFillipis, Aaron, Morrison, Whedon, and Gillen have had to work very hard to keep continuity. UGH! If it wasn't for WatX, UXM, Scarlet Spider, and Avengers Academy I would have no problem leaving Marvel behind.

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@Rickbarry: Ditto my friend. I would just like to ignore the fact that Bendis is touching X-Men at all. Is it coincidence that the X-Men finally have two great writers, Gillen and Aaron, and replace them with Bendis? Who, by the way, knows nothing about the X-Men...