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@chasereis: Hahaha I was just joking. Back in the day, the devs used to get mad about everyone using Gogeta as an end-all-be-all.

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@chasereis: Shit! I forgot about DBZ, is it too late to change my vote to Gogeta SS4?

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@chasereis: I completely agree. I may not like MOST of DC characters, but Flash is one of the ones I love because of his thinking/learning speed. I think that both Superman and Flash have a leg up on all the heroes, with the exception of Xavier and Phoenix, in that regard. I also understand that Bobby is way too light-hearted to just kill everyone, except in this new Astonishing X-Men arc where he is bringing on the apocalypse. Your last statement hits the nail on the head, who ever does strike first is the winner.

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@w0nd said:

@dman1366 said:

Iceman can just freeze the atoms in the other teams. No contest.

there is a reason that when he is fighting the fight isn't over in like 2's because he's a damn fool and doesn't utilize his powers the way you and I would if we were in his shoes.

Wolverine isn't immortal, he recently agreed to kill himself because two of them couldn't exist, he knows how to kill himself. and daken knows how to kill him. Wolverine and also be killed by drowning (wolverine origins the comic not the movie), or I assume being hurled into space which superman could easily do.

he says it best why Iceman would lose.

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@wardemon32: No, you misunderstand. There is NO entropy at absolute zero. So there is no energy for Flash to steal. The atoms that make up superman's heat vision couldn't move. The only reason why iceman can move is because he can make all of his atomic structure at absolute zero and the proceed to move through the molecules (see Age of Apocalypse with Iceman as the villain). Again, this is assuming that Iceman would do such a thing, but its not like it matters. All of this is make believe, and I am taking it way to seriously.

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@dratini1331: This is all assuming that Iceman taps into his Omega potential. But aren't there atleast 4 immortals in this fight? Iceman, Wolverine, Superman, and Hulk? And another thing, could scarlet witch say no more X-Men and JLA?

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@chasereis: @wardemon32: Stoping their atomic motion will stop neurons from firing in their brain; while simultaneously destroying the myelin sheeth and the axon; this, undoubtedly, will result in death.

to chasereis. I am sorry if a came off as pretentious or rude, you don't deserve to be attacked; it was my fault for being a pretentious condescending bully. I think the statement I was trying to say, is that he continuously drop things to absolute zero, The definition of absolute zero is as follows: So by saying, constantly, the he drops things to absolute zero is the same thing as saying that he is stopping all entropy, which includes atomic motion. Again, sorry for being rude.

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@chasereis: Have you taken thermodynamics? or any Chemistry class? Freezing anything, not to mention bring an area to absolute zero, is stopping atomic motion. The fact that he states the you will have to drink oxygen implies that he is stopping the motion of the electrons that bond the hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

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@chasereis: read my comment above. Iceman could stop all atomic movement. Killing flash and supes. Plus Wolverine and Iceman are immortals