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Alan Davis - Excalibur is my favorite x book



Jason Aaron


in that order

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@Rickbarry: Finally read WatX 13. Wow. This issue was amazing! That being said, I do not think there has been a bad issue of WatX. And I love how Warbird told Bobby she wanted to bang him after she was done killing. Awesome.

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@daak1212 said:

I heard really good things about this series but I had a few concerns namely the fact that Wolverine is running a school with children. Is this a different take on Wolverine than what were used to seeing? I mean does Aaron paint him in a different light than what he usually would during his Wolverine ongoing? Also is it a "kids" book, cause I feel I would be turned off it it was too lighthearted.

Wolverine, honestly, has barely anything to do with the school, besides funding it. Kitty does all of the Headmistress jobs; rachel, bobby, beast, husk, and cannonball run the classes. and it is definitely not a kids book, Bobby gets asked to have sex whilest they are on a mission inside of Kitty. They only thing "childish" about this book is the fact that it takes place, mainly, in a school and that the tone is not super serious and ominous.

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What are the sexiest picture amalgamations of our x-ladies?

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@Rickbarry: He couldn't really go with the... flow of the team

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@Rickbarry: Can't you just... pump out a few more?

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@John Valentine: The even more deep moment is if he gets to the point of killing Daken, and chooses not. *gets goosebumps*. I espcially like how Husk is with him when he looks up Apocolypse, and he says that he may look like him, but he could never do the evil things he has done... and Husk agree's. Now I want to re-read all the issue of WatX, thanks for that John hahahaha

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@John Valentine said:

@CheeseSticks said:

Well Fantomex was misdirecting Psylocke into loving him... i've never liked him and now it's worse ahah. Can't wait to see some development on Genesis! I love him so much, just imagine an adult Genesis in the X-Men

One can hope. I could just about deal with Fantomex biting it if we get an adult Genesis out of it.

This. Genesis is a bad ass, the best character developement I have seen of him, is in WatX 10.

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@Rickbarry: god dammit Rick, that was just awesome. You are the jester of puns, sir

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@AgeofHurricane: I am digging your profile picture. That was a very intertaining book.