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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

hope can beat batman??? i dont think so she maybe good at combat training but batman has karate and combat training

cyclops can beat him, logan can beat him and maybe storm can beat him, shadowcat can beat him ........rogue cant beat him,iceman cant beat him, dazzler cant, beast cant, angel cant,

read what I said about Iceman fight earlier. Iceman cannot die, he can just make a billion copies and then freeze the oxygen/hydrogen/nitrogen. Killing the bats. Or he could just stop all molecular movement in Batman entirely. Bobby controls movement of atoms dude.

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To me, Batman himself is a lesser Iron Man. They have the same background, no parents, inherited a massive company, super smart, wealthy, both are humans without superpowers. But with Bruce's "smarts" he pays some other halfwit to build him a shitty car and a rubber suit. While Tony on the other hand, build a suit that he commands telepathically and morphs through his skin. Thus being, Batman is lame as hell. He has no real tragedy, and lazy writers always have him win because of, get this, "prep time". Yeah, not buying it.

The X-men on the other hand have so much more to give to the readers. A slough of characters, that actually, get ready, die! There is tragedy, you actually learn to love characters and you mourn their deaths. The X-Men actually have writers that aren't ashamed of their characters loosing the battle to the bad guy. This being said, X-Men wins for me; On the fronts of, character developement (X-Men have developed hundreds of mutants, while there are, what? 7 bat family?), story writing ( DoFP, tFotM, SC, Whedon, Morrison, Claremont ), character familiarization (read New Mutants 45 1st series, will make you cry), villains ( could the bat family beat galactus, apocolypse, or Hel of asgard? ), and powers( can you name every mutant power? what about every bat family power).

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@DarkxSeraph: check out my post above. there is no hope for batman to beat iceman

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Iceman easily could win. He controls the movement of atoms... So he could just stop all the atoms in a mile radius (considering batman is hiding) and win. Or make a billion decoys and have them all freeze his blood. or the oxygen in the air. Iceman cannot die anyways.

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1) Kitty Pryde

2) Caitlin Fairchild

3) Spider-Woman

4 and 5) Daniel Moonstar and Amara Aquilla

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@John Valentine said:

Kitty totally wants the ice D. She'll be back.

Are they playing scrabble?

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@Rickbarry: hahaha Rick you made my day.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

Lol good. Then this means Iceman won't be holding Kitty back while she's a member of the Uncanny X-Women.

This is totally a positive hahaha.

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@Backflip: I think it was depression. She said that the reason she didn't want to go through with the relationship was because she thinks they could never have a happy ending. It is kind of true, in a comic book sense. As much as I love BobKat, there is no happy ending. The characters will eventually be broken up by some new writer and paired with someone else. Just like what happened with her and Piotr.

Like I said, I loved the idea of Kitty and Bobby. And this may not be the end, the did kiss again, so who knows. But if they do end up being just friends, I think Bobby would be great with Warbird; all though I do not think he could keep up the pace that Doop has hahaha.

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So at the end of this issue it seems as if Kitty is through with Bobby. Is that what everyone else derived from that conversation?