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Then don't get Marvel books....? idk what you want to hear? Some like Marvel, some don't. I, for one, love the new WatX, UXM, Scarlet Spider, Avenging Spiderman, and Avengers Academy. They are well writen, and their characters actually have a voice. If you don't like them, don't beat yourself up, it's your opinion. Try reading old xmen. I recently have started going over my full collection of New Mutants (1st series) and Excalibur (1st series). They are good reads. Just because you have read a book once, doesn't mean you can't read it again. I bet you have watched the same movies/tv shows again and again.

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@TDK_1997: i never checked those out.

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@TDK_1997: Bendis should have stopped with Ultimate Spiderman 2000 series. He is just not a good writer anymore. I just have hope because i am a die hard xmen fan. I read the first 2 Fear Itself issues and quit caring hahaha. They need to take a break on "events" and just let the books do their own thing. on that note both Uncanny X-Men and WatX are amazing.

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@TDK_1997: Sorry i mispoke, so i deleted the post. I loved Civil War. I said it was pointless because of the way they are writing the Avengers now. They are acting like it didn't happen. Which is dumb. I think House of M was the best event (besides Secret War 1 and 2). I kinda liked Siege, and atleast they are continuing the aftermath in Journey into Mystery, with Asgard and Loki. I absolutely HATED Fear Itself though.

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you guys should ready New Mutants issue 48. i have been re-reading my collection and the utopia that Bobby and Amara built was just like this new one made by the phoenix 5.

@TDK_1997: again, i agree with you. The reason why House of M, IMO, was the best event. Why? because it's after effects are still going on to date. hell, it was the catalyst to this event. but things like, Civil War and Fear Itself were pointless because it changed nothing. Sure Cap was gone for a while, but now he's back. And Second Coming and Siege were awesome as well, Journey into the Mystery is still feeling the aftermath of Siege and Nightcrawler is still dead.

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@The_Diamond_Prince: go to your local community college. i have seen some of the best pencilers there. this one kid did a piece of Lockheed and Kitty, it was unbelievable. you would think that Alan Davis regained his youth.

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Script isn't bad, but i would stay away from CGI. try and stick with art.

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So i am not going to spoil AvX #5. I will say that it totally redeemed the series, atleast in my eyes. But i digress, now i am more than certain that Kitty is going on a date with Colossus. I wonder how that will go. You think she'll still turn him down after the date?

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@HolySerpent: i fully agree. What crock of &!$* is that? Iron Man is way to OP. and it is ruining the best part of Marvel, which is the suspense

@XsPectre28: Like i said, it's not that bad. 5 cosmic mutant overloards. That is fucking awesome. Especially when they turn. besides the phoenix force splits itself all the time. Like during the original Excalibur, Rachel only had a piece of the force. if anything it is just following the continuity of the entity.

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@Rickbarry: No i made a bad investment in some trench coats that got destroyed by moths. hahahaha Sinfeild was the BEST sitcom.