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@John Valentine: I am not too big of a fan of children being the villains either. And I was definitely upset when Broo was killed, but in honesty, I like when writers aren't afraid to kill off a character. I think that this series should be a lot of fun with the new mutants born from the AvX series.

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@IllyanaRasputin said:

I'm so over this already. Wolverine needs to shut the front door and get off of his pedestal. Xavier had a naive dream, Cyclops was in a war. I'm so over people making Cyclops feel bad. He accidentally killed one man and saved the mutant race at the cost of one mans life. Boo Whoo. And Wolverine just needs to UGH. I'm over him being so high and mighty all of a sudden - Wolverine will never be half the man / leader / soldier / x-men Scott has been.

THIS! God I hate Wolverine. The best part about WatX is that his character is not a main character

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So since there are, now, new mutants popping up all over the world, are there going to be books dedicated to the characters? Like a relaunch of the New Mutants, or Academy X?

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@photowill404 said:

Just finished reading AVX 12 and this was one of the better issues in the series is terms of writing, pacing, scale and art. that being said. i have some questions about a few things that happened in the issue.

1. How in the world does The Scarlett Witch's hex bolts hurt the DARK PHOENIX? just doesn't seem believable to me.

2. Did Hope and Wanda really just do away with a cosmic entity like the Phoenix by saying a simple sentence? Aren't there like cosmic rules about that in the Marvel Universe?

3. When Cap starts talking to Cyclops, he says something about his renegade X-Men, is that Magneto that is shown on the top of the page?

4. Also in regards to renegade X-Men, do you think the Avengers feel that everyone who didn't fight with them to stop the Phoenix is a renegade X-Man?

5. Is it just me, or does Cyclops come off as a complete badass when he tells Cap that he was right about the Phoenix being there to reignite the mutant race?

6. Oh and remember in House of M, Wanda committed genocide at the end and I don't believe she ever seen the inside of a jail cell or was held prisoner by anyone or anything except for her own guilt, so what makes Cyclops different?

If you read the old Excalibur from the 80's, Galactus came to earth to kill the Pheonix. Then the watcher came to earth and told Galactus that if he did that, the entire universe would collapse and he would live in the vast nothingness forever. So he left Rachel alone.

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@John Valentine said:

I vote for myself. I'm my favourite user, followed by , etc.

hahahahaha god damn John, way to be honest.

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Ya know, Ian Mckellen is one of the best people for Magneto. Same with Patrick Stewart being the best Xavier.

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@Rabbitearsblog: hahahha from now on when a bad story comes along, we can be like "atleast it isn't AvX". On another note, AvX isn't that bad, I do not mind the concept, I just despise the execution

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@Rabbitearsblog: Don't forget about it! If you forget, then we never learn our lesson! hahaha

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@Rickbarry said:

Look at the volume in that hair! She must be using Herbal Essence.

hahahaha you are awesome rick

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@x_29 said:

@AgeofHurricane said:

Lol. Sh*t event is sh*t event.

Its a total FU of an event.

agree'd. Not a HORRIBLE event, some is pretty fun to read, but it is ill timed and lazily portrayed.