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@hawkguy: They get this talent because the artists/writers want to be there. Think about it; all of these guys grew up reading comics in the 90's; they read all of the original, non gold key, characters and fell in love with them. With Valiants relaunch, which is now better than the big two, you have all the creative teams that are more than happy to jump on these characters to give them a new look, a refined story, and continue their legacy. Have you checked out the other Valiant titles?

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Iceman - voice of Archer

Kitty - WatX cartoon

Wolverine - 90's

Cyclops - Evolution

Jean - Evolution

Colossus - Mickey Rourke from Iron Man 2

Warbird - Luna Lovegood

Rachel - same as Jean

Nightcrawler - WatX

Cable - Ron Perlman

Mercury - Standard cheerleader voice

Pixie - a high pitched voive

Beast - Evolution

Prof X - Patrick Stewart

Magneto - Ian McKellen

Rogue - Evolution

Illyana - Katya from Archer

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This is my current pull list, with some future titles added

1) X-O Manowar

2) Eternal Warrior

3) Harbingers

4) Quantum and Woody

5) Cyber Force

6) Thor: God of Thunder

7) Wolverine and the X-Men *

8) Gaurdians of the Galaxy

9) Scarlet Spider *

10) Uncanny X-Men

11) Amazing X-Men

12) Inhumans **

13) She Hulk **

14) New Warriors **

*ending soon

**starting soon

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I hope in the end Liefeld doesn't get much say in the actual plot and direction of the movie.

That's a good thing, Liefeld is a terrible writer/artist

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Cryokenetics like Iceman

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@ageofhurricane: Hahaha Age, it seems you just wanted to insult me as a response. Either way, I think that all good stories will never get any time to come to fruition. Somehow stories like All New X-Men can do amazing in sales, but Scarlet Spider gets canceled.

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Recently it seems Bobby from the O5 has been getting the short end of the stick from everyone. No one listens to him, Kitty hates him, and he has no friends. Along with this, it seems as if everyone is treating Yost's and DeFillips' New X-Men like children; mind you, they have been through just as much as the adults and they are trained. Long story short, should young Bobby run away with Mercury, Helion, Rockslide, Anole, Blindfold, and Pixie?

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Who is Luna on the cover?

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@g_man I noted you put "feels like a sitcom" in the bad section. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of coarse. Coincedentally, I often get in arguments with people over that fact on this site. Anyways, I live in Denver, and my LCS is Mile High Comics (awesome right?); with both of those, I actually get to see Mr. Claremont atleast once a month, awesome guy. I asked him the first time I met him if he meant to have his Excalibur, Uncanny, and New Mutants, all first series of coarse because they are my favorite x-titles, sound like soap operas. He said of coarse! Boasting that the reason he loves the X-Men is because you can write everything so humorous and melodramatic.

To me, that is the heart of the X-Men, coming from the creator himself. So I would suggest putting that into the Good section :) Any other inquiries, you should do a Quantum and Woody review. Amazing issue.

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So with Kitty leaving to go with Scott, who wants to bet on how fast they, Scott and Kitty, get in a relationship?