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@donfelipe: DC is Teen Titans, I am not a fan of Harley Quinn or Batman (cue the hate line). My Marvel Titles are Amazing X-Men, Thor, and Spider-Woman. My Image titles are Cyber Force and They're Not Like Us. and my Dynamite titles are Turok, Magnus and Solar.

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Valiant can take all my money. I am down to only 1 DC, 3 Marvel, and 3 Dynamite, and 2 Image titles, but I get all 9 books Valiant puts out a month.

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@sprior93: Great change. It is about time the X-Men see some unity.

Send the O5 home and bring on the ensemble from K/Y's New X-Men

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I love everything by Valiant, for that I am excited to see the Geth vs X-O

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@hawk2916: One of my friends who works at my LCBS just mentioned Slott. Idk, I feel like we might have the same issue with Bendis. Great story ideas, but they come with OoC dialog and about 30 issues an arc.

Who knows though, he has his moments where he is fantastic (like this Spider Verse stuff).

And as for your previous question, Lemire writes, currently, JLU and Green Arrow. He used to write Superboy and Animal Man along with Sweet Tooth. His, Kindt, and Rivera's work on The Valiant is crazy amazing. I forgot, outside of Saga, that comics could be like that.

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If we are going with random writers, I would go with Dysart from Valiant. His stuff on Harbinger is what Bendis wishes his UXM could be

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c'mon Comic Vine, you know that retail share is a joke right? With a $5 book, of course your retail share is high, or with Eagle having $25+ action figures, nuff said. It is %100 about unit share because that is the amount of units sold, which is what really matters.

For fellow Valiant fans, this is month 4 (that I have noticed) where Valiant made it into the top 10 for unit share. This should definitely NOT be over looked.

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@chapmar: You obviously have not read much X-Men outside of Bendis' stuff. I say this because everything you have said about those titles are false.

Read my prior post about how Uncanny was utterly pointless and had absolutely nothing to do with revolution and betting the mutant race's place in civilization using facts rather than opinion.

As far as All New, there is ZERO continuity in that book. As @cattlebattle has pointed out before, even the "issue" where the O5 are plucked from never actually happened in the time line that he states. Even more so, there is staggering evidence as to why the "O5" is not the actual 616 O5. Too much to explain while on the train, but I can give you solid evidence when I get home after work.

Also, Bendis is not the only person to write characters as people would talk. You should really read Yost/Kyle's run on New X-Men, or his current run on Amazing. Or maybe checkout David's ANXF that got cancelled.

As far as to "what is the point if they don't sound like real people?" You are in no position to judge that. There is plenty of people, like myself at times, that does not really care about real life; which is why we are reading comics in the first place.