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@icecold14: I do not think he could do that, the universe is infinite, and his energy is limited. But he almost froze the planet at one point.

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@holyserpent: I was only 3 issues, but it is being continued in Imperium. Which I am excited for, Harbinger is my favorite from Valiant.

I get my issues on Saturdays, so I am excited to see my second favorite character, Kay, get some more light. Especially since my first favorite, Flamingo, is dead.

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Well he controls entropy... so he can, according to string theory, change any element to any element. He also can stop entropy at a single place and destroy time and space...

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Such a great series. Miss the old art from Valiant's run, but we can't have everything.

On a tangent, does anyone think that Divinity, by Valiant, is an attempt to create a Solar-esk type character for their universe?

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@oldnightcrawler: working outside of the law is working against the law by definition. So with that, plenty of student teams cut the path for Bendis to follow.

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@hawk2916 said:

@oldnightcrawler: yea the code names are all silly but when they just completely go megaman style and just come up with names like sharkgirl and eyeboy you have to admit that's a little less creative. I mean personally I'm not so against doing away with codenames altogether to be honest.

The name Eye-boy might be a little less creative (though, only just), but his powers are still way more original than almost any of the New X-men.

For me the only ones in Uncanny that are interesting are Tempus and maybe Hijack. I may be somewhat biased but I'm still holding out on the healer. I thought more could and should be done with Elixir and was not ready for a repeat or copycat Bendis version. That said even having a healer kind of takes away a certain element of the story for me. And while the copycat thing can be said about quite a few characters I for one would prefer to get new stories with the already established or existing characters as opposed to just new creations. And Bendis isnt the only one doing this.

I get your point, but like I said, I never found Elixer or the other New X-men especially original either.

I still maintain that House of M was meant to get rid of some of the overcrowding of mutants though it really just got rid of interesting satellite or supporting characters and villains. Just adding more characters to the mix when there are solo many just seems to be heading down that same road again and when the next writer comes along and puts them in writer limbo or kills them off then you open the doors for more outrage. When it comes to even the New Xmen, even though I like Hellion, Ive still maintained that Shola Inkosi could have been in that role. I am one that likes Surge,Dust,X23, I'm also somewhat interested in Armor and also really like Cipher and Oya and can even deal with the shallow character that is Rockslide or the attempt at "heart" that is Mercury. But most of the rest I could take or leave.

You mean the Decimation, yeah. Well, it did thin out the ranks and leave the characters who were left more of definitive feel. It's not really something I have a strong feeling about one way or the other.

I'm with you on Armor and Cipher, I always wished those two had gotten more story focus. And I like Surge, Pixie, Rockslide, and Hellion too.. it just doesn't bother me if they're not around.

And the fact that they don't do much with them just doesn't have any effect on how I feel about the Uncanny' kids, who I'm actually starting to like even more.

To a certain extent I think the New Xmen kind of did some damage in the grand scheme of things. If you really think about it we were bombarded with a huge class of characters most which didn't get development and had redundant powers. It seemed like 50 new characters at once instead of just faceless students and while the squad system was interesting and really more in line with what a so-called school should be, so many characters at once may have caused a bit of burnout. Even when HOM happened it still left like 27 kids with the rest leaving or getting incinerated in the bus incident which arguably needed to happen. And before we were thru with all that we get Young Xmen and Hope with the Lights. I think it was a bit of overload which I think at times still tends to color our opinions on newer characters.

I don't really disagree with any of that.. I don't know if the bus thing "needed to happen", but I do think it's true that that generation of students had a lot less identity -both individually and as a group- because there were so many of them. And like you say, they had barely trimmed that group back before they started heaping more characters on.

Maybe that's part of why I have an easier time being interested in the Uncanny' kids, because they do seem to have a more distinct identity as a group. And their story, that they're outlaws, that they aren't just lumped in with the other students, -like it or don't- definitely sets them apart from any other group of students we've seen, which gives them a more distinct identity still.

Totally unique... psych! hahaha. No, but really the original The New Mutants title had them as outlaws since they left Magneto's school; also there was the Hellions, X-Factor, and the X-Men after Fall of the Mutants. So is not that original.....

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@hawk2916: Hawk, you and I are just too old of readers at this point. Marvel has left our kind out in the dust, and the new readers can't get enough of the shock value x-men. I don't expect that we will ever understand what is special about the new material; nor do I expect things to go back to the good ol' days.

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@hopesummersforthefuture: i couldn't care less about both those teams. Just give me back my new mutants and academy x teams and I will stop complaining.

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@koays: does anyone like hope's outfit or is it time for a new one and one less like jean grey.

Oh pixie, how I miss you

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I think that Skye is still Spider-Woman. Just instead of her original origin with High Evolutionary, she is an Inhuman instead.