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Inception but mostly because I hate found footage films.

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I usually like Geoff Johns but his Justice League run has been pretty mediocre and I would take pretty much anyone else over him at this point. I'm not sure if Scott Snyder is the right choice but my number one choice would be Jonathan Hickman.

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This is absolutely awful news...

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Doctor Strange. Moon Knight. Captain Marvel (Shaman).

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I've never been a huge Superman fan. Other than his apperances in the Justice League I've only ever read Superman Birthright and All-Star Superman. Lately though my pull list has been drifting further and further away from Marvel over to DC and I've enjoyed Geoff Johns on Aquaman and his Justice League run wasn't bad so I thought I'd give this a chance. Although I'm not one hundred percent sold on the character yet and I won't be adding it to my pull list quite yet I can say I did enjoy this issue and I'll be picking up the next one at least.

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I can not suggest Aquaman and Green Arrow enough.

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I was completely expecting this to be a blowout with Cap 2 easily taking the poll. Imagine my surprise to see the results...

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With the change to a decent writer for the Superman title I was planning to finally add it to my pull list. I started to think about it though and if I'm looking to add the "main" Superman title should I be adding Action Comics? I can't follow too many titles and I like to follow the main titles of the characters I like so I can keep up with their story. It's easy with characters like the Flash or Aquarian but with someone like Superman or Batman who have Action/Detective Comics as well it gets confusing. So what's the one main Superman title to follow? Action Comics or Superman? This is NOT a question of which is better.

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Nooooo! Warren Ellis! WHY!?!?

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I absolutely love your run on Superior Spider-Man, I've bought every issues since number one came out, and I can't wait for your new Silver Surfer series coming up in March. However I must ask, how low is your self esteem that you CONSTANTLY feel the need to come onto the INTERNET and validate your success to a bunch of people you've never even met? You are a child and Marvel should have put you on a tighter leash months ago. The fact that their pr department let's you run around and say the things you do is astonoshing to me. Do you not notice that NO OTHER WRITER does the things you do on these forums, twitter, and other various internet sites? That's because they are adults and they understand that the people on the internet represent a very small fraction of the majority's opinion and find themselves ABOVE coming onto the internet and correcting them. Grow up.