Good G.I. Joe comics?

I was watching the trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie and it looks okay, but the comics would probably be better. With that said does anyone have any suggestions on a good G.I. Joe comic run?

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Thor Story Suggestions?

So my brother has taken a liking to comic books, but he likes Thor and I dont read Thor so does anyone have any suggestions for a good Thor Story Arc?


Hulk vs. Broly?

   I know Broly has ki blasts, but Hulk has fought people with projectiles so who would win in this battle of raging titians?

Green Lantern Movie Yes? No?

I'm not sure what to expect, the trailers look awesome, but than again Hollywood can make any movie look good in a trailer. I read an interview with Ryan Reynolds at Comic Con and he seems to have a good grasp about who Hal Jordan is. What do you guys think high or low hopes?   


The Voices You Give Character

One of the things I love about comic books is the freedom to give a character any voice in your imagination as you read it. I always have the same voice for a character when I read in my head unless I come across a voice actor who plays it really good than I just use their voice. Other times some heroes are different Example- Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Ultimate Captain America. 616 version I imagine this all american deep strong voice and when I read the ultimate version he is more like the strict drill sergeant type and thats the type of voice I give him.   
Because I am a 90's kid I always imagine Mark Hamil when I read Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman. Besides the fake that these are amazing voice actors, I have had those voices attached to those characters for so long, Batman animated series to Justice League, and even Arkham Asylum.  
 Recently I have been collecting Red Robin and in the latest issue he fought Catman. I have never read anything with Catman before so the first thing that comes to mind is Adam West's voice. Catman is such a serious character and Adam West;s voice has grown so comedic, but I think it works at least when I read it. 
As you can see a lot of the voices I picture are from the media and sometimes I create a voice. What do you guys have to say I would love to hear what kind of voices you imagine with characters.  


Random- Wonder Woman, Make Up?

So I was at the mall yesterday and my mom was buying makeup and I saw that they have wonder woman make up. I'm pretty sure wonder woman doesn't wear make up, but being exposed to America she might. So what I'm wondering is does wonder woman wear make up, or is it a big contradiction.