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Nothing at all like Winter Soldier!

That's the first thing I thought.

On the plus side - I really enjoyed Tom King's novel - Once Filled Skies. It was a love letter to comic book fans. So he knows how to do this.

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Sad to see you go. Loved your contributions to the site and podcast. It'll be sad that there isn't going to be a prominent female voice on the site now. G-Man is great for not being uber-macho and for bringing the Father perspective, but CV will really be missing something without the female voice.

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Had to do this when my daughter was born. Went from $100/mo in books to $6.

Batman by Scott Snyder

Saga by BKV

That's it. Everything else, I put trades on my wishlist so people can get it for my birthday or Christmas.

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First heard about them in a spidey story. Seems like it could be interesting.

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Most interpretations of Joker have him being highly asexual, so I doubt he'd have had her naturally - with or without Harley. But what about the following possibilities:

a) Harley got a hold of some of Joker's Premium Man Seed and got herself preganant

b) It's from the wife he had in The Killing Joke and she just learned Joker was her dad

Even though the Batman Beyond universe is not the future of this universe, there have been some nods towards that. And Harley does have some kids in that show, doesn't she?

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@lurkero: I think you have a good point and my comment was going to be along a similar path. A year or so ago on the CV podcast they mentioned that some characters were saying it was miserable while dead. I think if Marvel made it canon that when a character died they were in some kind of hell or miserable purgatory then their death would still be meaningful while also allowing a comeback to not be cheap.

What do you and others think about that or the likelihood?

Also, what's worse: coming back from the dead (via science/magic/etc) or the character never having died (a clone was killed/they were saved from the fall/etc)?

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I read it. I thought it was awesome. I think it was definitely recommended as the first place to start for anyone getting into X-Men because it explained their current situation and why Scott was acting the way he was. However, now I'd probably just tell people to start at AvX.

Also, it introduced Layla Miller! (X-Factor!!) She was one of the only people to know the House of M world was messed up.

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Amazing story - it took me too long to get into it after my younger brother lent it to me.

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I'm glad he has the room to explore this, but the Batman mythos was doing such awesome things right before New 52 - James Jr, Oracle, the Morrison set of stories going from Batman to Batman and Robin to Batman, Inc. And now it's all so convoluted and annoying. I wish they hadn't imposed the five year thing. Then most of it could have still happened.

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Interestingly, I'm currently reading the Absolute Edition of Batman and Robin Vol 1. And Red Hood tells Damian that Robins have a short life span. Both than and this were written by Grant Morrison.