A Good New Development in Comics

Marvel has done a lot of annoying, gimmicky things [relatively] recently in the name of making a quick buck.  They've renumbered X-Factor Vol 2 in order to reach a milestone issue that collectors have to have, for example.  But they have made one good change to the way they used to do their books back when I was collecting comics in the mid-90s - they now have intro pages.  As someone who is getting into books that are in the middle of very complex storylines (particularly the X-books), these intros have been so very welcome.  It allowed me to jump right into X-Fact #220 and know who Rahne is and why she might feel some tension with the other character in the issue (whose name evades me right now).  And such has the case also been with FF (the new Fantastic Four book) and the Amazing Spider-man.  So, I applaud them for this (especially as it tends to lead to a lot less "comic book speech" - where they waste panels bringing the reader up to speed) and I hope that DC adopts it as well.
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Posted by Omertalvendetta

I have a habit of skipping over them 90% of the time, but I need to remind myself to read them before I continue.  Even in series that I have been reading month in and month out, I may either forget a specific detail that the intro page has just kindly reminded me of, or in the more prevalent cases, I was so confused last issue that it is very nice to be able to read the intro to the next issue to clarify anything I may have misunderstood.   
All that to say... I agree. 

Posted by joshmightbe

The best thing Marvel could possibly do is fire Joe Q and Bendis (out of a cannon into a chicken wire fence)

Posted by djotaku
@omertalvendetta: Yeah, the other thing they have done well in the past is provide good footnotes and letting you know where the story continues if it is in another book.