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Can I just ask something? Just one question?

Who was asking for a more violent Spider-Man? Why would we want a more violent Spider-Man? If they wanted a violent Spider-Man... they should read Scarlet Spider! I thought that was Marvel's answer to making Spidey more gritty and such, not to mention it's really good.

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I think it's obvious this guy is NOT a Spider-Man fan by any means. So let me get this straight dear reviewer.... by saying you're siding with Doc Ock you actually agree that killing the criminals is a good thing instead of what Batman and Spidey have taught us that killing is bad and that would just lower ourselves to their field and stuff huh?

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So I have to ask, where are all the people who threaten to shove a pencil in this guy's eye? Bc I feel like he deserves SO much more then that right now!!

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This was just the final nail in the coffin for me for Spider-Man. The only reason I was reading Superior was bc I was hopeful that peter would come back but now after this...... this time I really am done.

But I make this promise, if they fix everything and bring peter back and get rid of Otto, I will buy every issue that came b4 it

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Hey guys, if someone already made a similar topic I apologize, I'm still pretty new to Comicvine.

But anyway I wanted to ask if anyone agreed that I thought they made the 5 year jump to early in the Young Justice show. While I did enjoy a couple of the episodes, I was disappointed that we were left focusing on other characters, especially on Blue Beetle and Impulse it seemed. I have nothing against Impulse but I am not a Blue Beetle fan whatsoever, from what I've heard that guy can't even handle his own comic line.

What I'm getting at is I felt like we should have gotten more time with Robin, kid flash and the others. At least in the first season we got to see Dick do more instead of just sitting behind the lines and barely fighting whatsoever.

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This was the only comic to ever have me shaking with anger. It's not that Peter died that pissed me off, it;s how he died

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Since they are going to be adding these shows to DC Nation, does that mean we'll possibly see DC make their block more then an hour long so we can have more awesome shows or are they just going to replace current shows?

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@Adriell2124: I 100% agree you. I always had thought Marvel was doing that before, like how the adult fanbase had Avengers EMH and the kids got Super hero squad show.

My friend's younger sister who is 7 years old, who loves comic books and spider-man even hates how Marvel is dumbing down everything

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@danhimself: That may be true but at least it seems with most of their animated movies/tv shows they are treating the younger audience like adults. Maybe not like real mature stuff but stuff then even myself as an adult can really get into

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Now I could be wrong, feel free to correct me. From what I've read online and seen on video interviews; Jeph Loeb and other Marvel executives say they are mainly focused ONLY on younger kids from like 5-12. I get that they are trying to get younger kids to become future Marvel fans but what about the people who are already fans? What do we get other then some good or decent comics?

It really feels like Marvel thinks most kids or most watchers are idiots so they have to dumb down everything. Apparently when fans at comic con complained about Ultimate Spider-Man, Jeph Loeb just basically responded with "Well we're not gonna change anything so get used to it. And we're going to make sure the other shows are dumbed down, including agents of SMASH with no two part episodes and such". Didn't this guy get fired by a bunch of companies for having such sucky shows? And Marvel makes him the head of TV/animation?

Does this mean we can never really hope for cartoons that can appeal to everyone on a balanced scale or at least until someone walks into Loeb's office and kicks him straight in the balls.

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