Yay Tata's

A list dedicated to all the DD's in the superhero world

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Posted by Captain Bintang


Posted by playabender22

Monika should be in the top #5.
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Widow? (Avatar Press)

Posted by Djhatrick21

it wasn't intended to be a countdown it was just a list but if it were Monika would  be in top 3 so thank you

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Very nice but what about Rose and Thorn? You also forgot Dumb Bunny.
Posted by not2baad

Princess Aura

Posted by Primmaster64

i'm happy

Posted by Darth Paul

I'm recommending this for the title alone, no that the women on the list aren't great too, but the name of this list is just too funny! ROFL!

Posted by PowerHerc

Great theme!  Great list!
Posted by Primmaster64

I feel happy

Posted by Ultimate JSA

very good list
Posted by Video_Martian

Yay!  Meriem Cooper's on this list!  =D

Posted by Linked One

Quite possibly the greatest list on this site.

Posted by Krakoa
@Linked One said:
" Quite possibly the greatest list on this site. "
Posted by Deadman1595

you should have called it Hooray for Boobies!!!!!

Posted by Captain Bintang

Luba and friends from Love and Rockets...?

Posted by doomsilver

nice list
Posted by jrock85

Shouldn't Power Girl be a little higher?

Posted by fACEmelter88

Thank you, Ta Ta's are the greatest things in the world and it's great to see the beautifully drawn boobies presented in the classiest of ways.

Posted by Purgy

Thinking there is more you can put on this list

Posted by umbrafeline

best list ever :-)

Posted by Bad_People

I'm Bad-People, and I approve this list.

Posted by tea8765

@Captain Bintang: NICE!

Posted by DarthLydia

I have no objection to he existance of this list but some of the girls on it are hardly D's or Double D's. Case-in-point, Cassy Hack. She's beautiful but her boobs are not that big.

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