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Batgirl has a doppelganger... 0

Batgirl is still trying to figure out who is out to get her. As the story progresses, it starts reassuring us that the mysterious unseen villain knows who Batgirl really is. As for Dagger Type, yes he fit into stereotypes, but I didn't find him as offensive as others did. Overall the art is still solid, and the characters are well rounded. ...

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Enjoying the story so far 0

I loved the action pieces. The art is still amazing and the story has kept me intrigued. Its good to see Babs with her peers, living a semi-normal life. As an aspiring fashion designer, I'm loving the clothing, especially Babs' and Dinah's. Dinah feels out of place sometimes but she's fun otherwise. ...

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An amazing read! 0

I'm sorry to disappoint all those moody Barbara lovers, but I for one, am totally loving the new Batgirl era. As a 21 year old who went through my share of personal struggles, tried to be all serious and mature for a while and then finally was able to relax and enjoy life, I connected with this comic on a really personal level. I can relate to Babs, the story is youthful and fresh and the art is amazing. Sorry Gail Simone fans but I'm digging the new direction, like, totally! ...

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Really good development for me 0

I absolutely loved what was done with this episode. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but to me it humanized both Beth with her urge to get a drink and playing dress-up and Daryl showing his emotions about what happened to his friends. We also learn a bit from his past. Two solid characters, The pacing was slow but it wasn't an issue for me. ...

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