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Do you think she'll be put in the upcoming New Marvel Universe? Do you think she should be added?

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I, for one, love the new direction. I like the tone it has, light and quirky. Babs is young and full of life! I can relate to her as well. I mentioned this in my reviews before so I'm not gonna re-write, but yeah, I like the new Batgirl of Burnside.

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As I mentioned in my review for #35, I can relate to THIS Babs everyone seems to hate. I went through personal struggles that left me all "moody" and "serious" and once I realized that being THAT wasn't going to do anything for me, I relaxed and began to enjoy life. So yeah, I can relate to this Babs, because as a 21 year old college student, I stopped worrying too much and began to see things in better light. Can't wait for this issue!

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I totally disliked the episode and I'll tell you why: Beth's Death. It was unnecessary and personally heart breaking! She was the type of character I liked: A positive light that contrasted with everything that was dark and broody. Although some of you might disagree, I think that shows like these need characters like Beth. In real life, when you go through tough times, the people who are the most kindhearted are the ones who give you a lending hand, and she did just that in the show. She helped Daryl and Rick even (Taking care of Lil Ass-Kicker). Not only that, she could have been so much more, developed so much more! I don't even feel the need to watch the series right now (I might sound dramatic, but character deaths piss me off!)

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Only Michael Bay can make a movie where mutant turtles cause so much destruction to a car...

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Totally! I have no idea of what to expect from the story but I just want her to be awesome! lol

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awesome ideas! I agree with both of you! also, assuming that she'll be playable in the campaign mode, what type or ride should she get? a motorcycle, a van? I'd personally go for the bike!

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Hi everyone! I wanted to write about what's been going on with Arkham Knight and one thing I've noticed that hasn't been discussed here is Harley's role in the upcoming Arkham Game. So we know she's playable, but I wanted to know what y'all want for her in this game: what kind pf weapons, abilities etc. you'd like to see. I also wanted to know if she's gonna be in the game in a similar manner to Catwoman or if she will be restricted to just challenge maps... but anyway tell me what y'all think and hope for her :D

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Stephanie Brown

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I hope that Beth doesn't get killed by the people who captured her. Either way good episode. Loved Sasha and Bob too! Maggie was badass