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I think deadpool would be pretty cool if they go really weird with it, wild cutscenes bloody and really stylized and very funny. spiderman battling the symbiotes would also be pretty wicked but i think they could take some really cool bits of DAREDEVIL and make it Epic what with the ninja storylines and all

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I love Frank Quitely he is really on another level. My dream Superman scenario would be a throwback to the old sega Death of Superman game I played that game sooooooo many times and wish I didn't burn out my sega because I'd probably still throw it in. You could choose your superman i.e. superboy, steel, cyborg superman,the eradicator or solar suit superman with some badass commando gear as they fight for supermacy in metropolis. I'd make it a huge open world and throw in all of superman's rogues gallery. maybe where you try and win the cities favor, each charator should have a run in with eachother and maybe a more specific enemy like luthor and superboy ( i know at this time we don't know luthor is his human dna half but i think it's cool to be able to take all of the newer material and pump it in) give each superman his own unique playability like soalr suit superman play more of as a third person shooter, steel a beef up tank etc... give them another shot at doomsday then apokolips the depending on your choice of characters a good or evil ending against superman at full power or cyborg superman. and cram hundreds of random missions with characters from the dcu. I'd probably start the game with an epic cinematic where metropolis gets evacuated and then the first battle of the game is a huge doomsday throwdown with tons of collateral damage.

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I'm excited to see Dick go back to Nightwing, I always thought picking up the Batman mantle was the step back. You don't get to the big league by putting on someone else's mask you kick ass and get there on your own, it's how Batman and Superman did it, and now it's how Nightwing's gunna do it. I hope they don't make him all dark and brooding like the cover looks. The red suit could be cool, anyone else picking up a Batman beyond vibe? I  wonder if they'll play on that.
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 Tim Drake is forced out from behind the computer? Jason todd is alive...some one mentioned it before but it sounds to me Tim's gunna be DCnu'd from the bat family, maybe he ended up with the blue beetle? that's my guess
Teen Titans is pretty wild looking...TT has kinda sucked for a real long time...it's attempts at being angsty comes of as sad and whiny with a lot of forced action and forgetable villians...I wished it was more fun and light hearted, but this dark and edgy thing could be cool. Happy about the costume changes, curious about Connor's though. Also don't want him to be the raging ass he is in the Young Justice cartoon I miss the funny carefree hoochie chasing clone he used to be before he got all whiny self doubting.
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ok everyone CLEARLY Dr. Thirteen is DC's way of introducing Olivia Wilde into the DCU as her character in HOUSE has mysteriously disappeared, was converted into a computer program in TRON, and soon to be transported to the 2D DCU...slowly familiarizing her with DCU fans because *gasp shes going to be the new Lois Lane...BOOM give me a hard one to figure out Didio...I should totally be Booster's sidekick.



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I hope I'm not alone in this, I think that Young Justice Special should count and fall pretty high on that list 

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VON DAGGLE  !  Where is The Corpse?!?!?!?
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I liked this book a lot. The writing was real good. Little confused though and currently far from my books...did Lori know he is Superboy? I can't remember in Adventure Comics if he knew her as Conner as well. I loved him using the tacticle telekineses, it seem like he wasn't touching it though so is this the next evolution of Conner? Big issues though,  He rip his shirt and was like bam "i'm superboy" in a barbershop with people there, you'd think he'd be walking on eggshells more than Clark ever did.  And I'm sorry I am not a fan of how he is being drawn...most of the book looks really good except the title character. He seems misproportionate in everyother panel, and makes weird expressions on his oddly sized face. Manapul's superboy is the shizznit and I hope the bring him back soon or they step up their game. And seeing the character at the end makes me wanna go back and re-read WF3.
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Megaman can pwn anything...so long as in hops around in a predictable pattern.