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I haven't checked out the comics yet but the show is looking good

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If its free 
its for me 
i'll take three... 
...four, five. five free comics! AH-HA-HA! 

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Not keen on the idea of Death showing up in Action Comics but it could work. This is comics after all! And in a round-a-bout way it makes sense that Death shows up in the DCU because she is a DC owned character [creative control rests with Neil Gaiman].    
Should the characters of each imprint remain separate? No. It doesn't really make sense given how Vertigo came about. Besides, if the Vertigo imprint is ever folded up all those characters are coming right back into the DCU.

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667 *nyuk!*

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Great article and Palmiotti's quote put a shiver down my back lol. 
I like how Nolan skews the villains to as human as possible with no real superpowers. It grounds the movies nicely. That's why I don't really see Bane happening in part three. Maybe we'll see Maxi Zeus as a player?

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4 bucks... ugh. Sequential art is too expensive these days.

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Element #4 was a pain in the arse to find because its not a metal. Googled the crap out of comic book elements.  
But I'm done and thanks to everyone that offered additional clues, much appreciated!

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RIP Zuda... one of the reasons why I still love to read comics. 
And if any of you haven't read BAYOU yet, well you are doing yourself a disservice... and I just checked zuda's site and can't find any comics. *sigh* There were a few that I've forgotten the name of that are worth checking out as well.

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Personally I like the idea of characters aging and the idea of legacy characters. One reason is that it gives the feeling of permanence and honesty to the story. Spider-Man growing up and getting married? Given the progression of the character from inception 'till the last decade, it makes sense. Aging characters gives the feeling that these stories count for something. Which is one of the things I hate about retconning. Stories don't really count for anything after a while.  
There needs to be a balance between the timelessness of a character and the character having a natural progression in aging. Not allowing a character to age does not stay true to the character.

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Just watched the trailer for this and it looks pretty good. Want to see this now.

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