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I really wish DC would talk to us retailers before making announcements like this. Midnight? Bullshit. I have kids. Our store will be closed.

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@cbishop said:

Interesting idea, but Warren Ellis is a perpetually gutter-minded individual, IMO.  I have no desire to need a special light for my comic, just to see that one guy is thinking, "Boobs boobs boobs..."  In the hands of a better writer, this would be a cool gimmick (and yes, it is a gimmick).  It could actually make it like reading two different stories - the first read-through with just dialogue, and the second with the light revealing their thoughts... thoughts pertinent to the story.  Overall, I think it's a waste of time.

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I feel your pain, Dan. CPS usually does a great job of making scans. But it's probably best not to out yourself as a downloader in a public forum.

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The only thing I hate is when costumes are overdone. Since when does Peter Parker have the ability to get a $900 costume? Why did the Superman Returns suit have little S's all over it?

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I live in a town of 100,000 people and we have 3 comic shops. Since I work in one, I'll tell you right now that if you agreed to pay a deposit up front and ask for the books to be mailed to you one a month, most shops will do that. If not, hit me up. We ship worldwide.

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I think you answered your own question. 
"  I know some people don't like the newer trades because they feel cheaper. " 
By only buying trades, you kill off the monthlies.