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Thanks for explaining the Henny Youngman reference to the kids G-Man!

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X-O Manowar is another solid and exciting title in the Valiant universe. Planet Death revealed true character in Aric and completed his journey to wield and bond with Shanhara and use it to return freedom to an alien race who wanted to destroy him and his people. X-O Manowar is one of many Valiant titles that should be a must read for fans of great characters and exciting storytelling!

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Wow! This is one stunning collection of new toys. These are beautiful Kotobukiya figures!

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Great show as always! Thanks for using one of mine. I agree with others. As much as I like Scott Snyder I think the FBI should be keeping their eye on him! Crazy, brilliant imagination.

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I really appreciate the feedback and response! If you have more just keep sending them my way. You guys are awesome!

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Hey guys,

First off I am a big fan of all things Comic Vine. Thanks so much for all that you do, Tony, Sara and Corey. One thing that I haven't heard brought up when it comes to the Amazing Spider-Man is what happened in issue The Amazing Spider-Man #698. Before we learn the truth of the switch, there is the panel where the Lizard confesses to Doc Ock that he is actually Curt Conners inside the Lizard's body. There were a few comments at the time that the panel seems odd and out of place that Dr. Conner's felt the need to unburden his conscious. Now that there's plenty of speculation on how Peter can get back in his body (Tony's recent "Off My Mind") do you think that there is anyway that the Lizard's confession will come back and play some part in how Peter gets back or can get back? I find it odd, much like most, that Dan Slott would write such panel if, at some point, it wasn't going to play back in to the overall story. I think there has to be some reason for the Lizard's confession and also when Peter (as Doc Ock) was breaking out of prison and asked the Lizard to join his "Sinister Six" and Peter's reaction when the Lizard remained silent. It very well could be a misdirection but because of it's perceived randomness at the time I think it will play some role in Peter getting back in his body or realizing he never really left in the first place as Tony stated in his article. What do you guys think?

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Happy Birthday Comic Vine! I am a "lifer" and I am probably one of the newer Comic Vine members. Since I am back to a full-blown reader and collector, I can't tell you what an incredible resource your site is to someone like me. It truly enhances my love for comics. The reviews, articles, interviews, podcasts and news makes Comic Vine a daily (several times) visit for me. Thanks to and absolutely everyone at Comic Vine that make it THE comic book destination for me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Thanks for another "best stuff!" Always fun on a Monday.

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Thanks Tony. I love the podcasts and I look forward to this new one. I listen to podcasts while I'm commuting and I always look forward to the Friday podcast. Now just more podcast goodness! Thanks for all the hard work. Comic Vine is the BEST!

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Going to pick up WONDER WOMAN #13 & Hawkeye