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You guys have been great about what comics I should be checking out and I greatly appreciate it! So now my company Twenty One Productions and Twenty One Podcast have been throwing around some ideas for new shows and projects and I think the best way to appeal to people is to get their advice. This is where you come in again. I’m always looking for good suggestions so give me yours. Right now let’s just throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks but I would like certain categories. Please repost this with your friends, I want everyone’s opinions I can get. So the categories are as follows and give me a short synopsis or reason why something is your favorite. You don’t need to answer them all just whatever you like. Also the more obscure or fringe worthy are extra welcome. Let’s get this ball rolling!


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Posted by wonderlexxi

I've recently been watching the the new show Last Resort. I really wasn't sure what to expect when I first started to watch it, but it had an actor I liked so that's the whole reason I watched the first episode (why not give it a shot right?). I never would have expected a TV show about a Naval sub who basically succeeds from the US when framed for something they didn't do to be interesting, but the story is presented in such a way that is quite gripping. The characters are very well rounded and they're faced with some very difficult situations. It might not be for everyone but it was a nice find for me. One of those really nice scripted drama's that are hard to find.