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@DarthShap: Reservations are HORRIBLY racist, just ask any Native American. As for Paradise Island, while it's a pill that's a bit more easily to swallow because they are choosing to remove themselves from male society rather than forcibly segregating the people, the fact remains that they do refuse to allow men on their Island. Just because they don't necessarily react with violence doesn't mean the practice isn't sexist. The complete rejection of one group based on ideas like "men are the only ones who cause problems in this world" (which I've heard them say many times in what few stories I've read of them, which is bull when women like Margaret Thatcher, Karla Homolka and Ann Coulter exist) is still prejudism, no matter how great their "utopia" seems to be for the people living in it.

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@JamDamage: Except that Namor has been a long time antagonist to the Fantastic Four since, like, issue 3 of the book. The Thing has beaten him dozens of times over the years, so it was pretty clear who would win here.

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Better than Wolverine. Bishoujo Logan? Garbage.

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neither. There are too many titles out there that are coasting on the success of either the character's name brand recognition, an art team, or both, without any real merit to it. Best example is Batman the Dark Knight. Nothing of good there but a talented, well known artist (and according to recent reviews, he cant keep up with the rigid monthly grind, so the arts suffering also), but it's consistently a top seller because of the name attached. People need to be able to let go of a character if the story sucks, not stick around for the long haul, so that the company will notice a drop in sales whenever a crappy story arc appears and make necessary replacements, which is best for us, the fans, because we get better stories.

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If Manhunter WAS a part of the team for a while, it would definitely help explain a few things, continuity wise. I love the character, and if he weren't wrapped up in Stormwatch right now I would freaking LOVE to see him in a solo series, or maybe a limited series.

And I guess in the interest of clearing up continuity they had to make it so that there hasn't been so many incarnations of the league. Plus it separates them from the Avengers, who nowadays are comprised of every single Marvel hero with their own solo series (with the exception of the punisher), not to mention a few X-men and C-listers. Still, I'd like a larger cast, or maybe some more interaction between the league and other heroes.

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@god_spawn: I disagree that they could have necessarily have worked together on this, since Scott has been dead set on making sure the Phoenix Force does come for hope, which I think has proven time and again to be a bad idea, but I'm not arguing that. Again, Cap could have been more reasonable, but I don't like it when people say him coming with the hellicarier was a bad idea on his part. As I said, it's bigger than just showing up for a meeting. There's a risk that could destroy the world within a few hours, sometimes you got to come prepared, and since Cyclops did strike first without knowing the hellicarrier was there, he was justified in his preparation. Again, I'm not denying that Cap isn't out of character, he is, and he did stupid things, but his actions aren't as black and white as people make it out to be. He's a soldier, soldiers do some questionable things, especially out of desperation, and this is a desperate time when something that has already killed billions is on it's way to your planet. I also do agree that a lot of this came about because these guys didn't discuss it enough, and I think a lot of this comes from the fact that despite having 12 issues they decided to kick things into battle so fast. This is a terrible event, and I'm just glad that besides the main X-books and the avengers there's not too many tie-ins that I can see. Hopefully it'll play out like fear itself and make absolutely no difference to marvel continuity at all.

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@Aero_gt: @god_spawn: That's one thing I'll agree on, Scott is acting with no reason whatsoever. He actually says something along the lines of "now that we got a messiah, they want to take her away from us". Dude, I've babysat 9 year old girls with more maturity than that, this isn't his older brother taking away his toy train, this is serious business.

I do however think Cap was more reasonable than most people give him credit for. I don't altogether agree with his method, but he's looking at an indestructible cosmic force that has destroyed whole planets on it's way here, and the way the issue was written it looks like it's pretty damn close to earth (a few hours a way I'd say). Like he said, it isn't an option to just walk away, he had no choice but to come ready to act with force if he had to. I do believe that they could have talked it out more if there was any kind of reason behind this plot, and that for all the defense I gave him Cap still was poorly written, but nope, that's not the world we live in. I'm not liking this series at all, and I'm not even going to call it Avengers vs. X-men, it's everyone else Vs. Scott Summers, because every single character that matters in this story, X-men and Avengers, has called Cyclops out on his complete lack of reason in this issue, the X-men are clearly only fighting because Scott decided they have to fight, not because they want to. or at least that's my take on what happened.

I'd recommend just reading Wolverine and the X-men #9. Wolverine is actually conflicted over what he feels he has to do, especially since he says Hope's just a little girl that now he has to try and kill in order to save the world. It actually humanizes the whole conflict much more than having Cap and Cyclops butt heads and whine, so that whether you agree with it or not you still sympathize. Hard to believe it's by the same guy.

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JrJr was a favorite back in the 90's... But unlike Liefeld he actually did some good work back then and he was doing books where his art style made sense (like Spider-man, DD: Man Without Fear etc.), which was pretty good the way it was stylized. His stuff in the Avengers and AvX doesn't work because some characters, like Beast (who's supposed to be more Cat-like now) and Wolverine, among others, kind of fail.

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@Aero_gt: So far my theory seems to be pretty solid right now, based on AvX number 2, where storm, Magneto and Emma Frost all ask him to stop and think about what he's doing, clearly in disagreement, the only mutants that seem to trust his decision are the new mutants (who are only used as canon fodder here) not to mention the entire Avengers team is against him, and as I've said in the post you stopped reading, Marvel is so open about their writers bias that they would have no problem making Cyclops the villain if it made the Captain America/Wolverine side look good, just like they did in Civil war where they made Iron Man and Mr. fantastic the "villains". Sure, they weren't "evil", but they were clearly the antagonistic force in this story.

And plenty of popular heroes have been made villains in the past, many times, so we'll see where this story goes.

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two questions:


And wasn't there another team run by the world government that isn't turning out too well? you know, the JLI, who Batman can't decide whether or not he's working with them?

At least the Martian Manhunter idea has some promise, and helps explain a bit of the continuity concerns present by not including him in the original. Here's hoping.