Ninth Blog - Gravity and NBA Championships

Will be watching Gravity later with a really good friend! Haven't seen her in a long time and it'll be a great way to catch up~

On the other hand though, been playing 2K12 (Yeah, I know... so outdated) and I'm in the Finals of the Playoffs season in my 9-year simulated account of Association. The people present are practically the game-generated ones and most of the big names have retired already.

Then it dawned to me that this is what it might be in the years to come. Kinda creepy yet, interesting on how the new names would become household names.

Finishing up Game 4 before getting ready to leave. 4th Quarter, 1:28 left. Let's win this.

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Eighth Blog - Hit the Lights, It's Time for Action

The Movies. Run the Studio. Shoot the Movies. Make the Stars.

This game is nothing short of fun especially when the nostalgia begins to kick in. It's been, what, around 7 or 8 years since I last played this game. Funny though, I performed way better now than I did before -- who says rust gathers with dust? Hahaha~

All day, this game took my attention. Of course with the occasional bathroom breaks and food -- I'll never say no to food, -- I'm practically at the end. Prestigious lot or not, my studio, Damsel Productions, is at the top and I have managed two #1 stars. Actually, the replay factor of this game is unbelievable. I can imagine myself starting again from scratch just to reach the top all over again. Dunno, I find it more fun to reach the top than to remain there. That's probably why I choose the low-tiered teams / characters in games. Just for that underdog-feel or determined climb.

Anyway, started to look for old games I enjoyed back in the day. Got myself Evil Genius -- a game I never really played much, probably due to my lack of patience back then. Though when I think about it, I don't think I improved that much~ Still looking for a copy of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. Great game and great... values? XD

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Seventh Blog - Attack on Titan

One thing that really took most of my focus and time - Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan)

One word to describe it? DEEP.

Deep Story, Deep Emotions, Deep Characters, Deep Feels. All the feels.

Currently, I am catching up on this very promising manga -- as the first episode of the anime has just been released.

Well, will be focusing all my time on comics, games, and anime. What a way to have fun indeed~

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Sixth Blog - The First and Only Bias Action

Finally! Volume 20's out~ I have a guess the manga will end before the 25th volume. Which means I have at least 20 more to buy huhu. Which equals to around $160 more. I hear the cries of my wallet.

Medaka Box never fails to surprise me. It's already my favorite title, and how the current arc is going, the ending looks pretty perfect~

Laughter, tears, and enlightenment -- everything this manga gives and each of 'em are worth it. Right now, I'm kinda ready for the end since it's laid out quite well. But if it another one of those "seemingly ending" arcs, ugh, such a waste.

Here's to perfection!

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Fifth Blog - If You Want Some, Come Get Some

Don't you find annoying that when you think of one thing, something completely different happens?

Well, that's what happened to me yesterday and I paid the price. And what a heavy heavy price it was.

Couldn't really do anything about it then, and even now. I just have to let it go and wait.

So while waiting, decided to continue reading JLD. Initially, I read this for Zatanna, but the story seems to be sinking in for me. Magic is always a good thing for me haha~ A plot element that clicks.

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Fourth Blog - Another One Bites the Dust

Athena Asamiya (KoF XIII)

Fighting Game Day!

Decided to look for my third character in King of Fighters XIII~

My first two ever since are Vice and Mature. For some reason, I didn't want to choose Iori as the third. I dunno, it would seem kinda cliche hahaha.

Went to training mode and started to look at each one's attacks. For some reason, Athena's seemed to appeal to me~ The seizure-inducing sparkles (or pixie dust) must've drawn me in hahaha.

Gotta buy a fightstick now... for maximum damage!

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Third Blog - Dancing With Dragons

Dragon Nest's Soul Eater Class


Made my new Kali in Dragon Nest!

Won't be able to use her yet due to the few remaining requirements needed from me.

Not only that, but the hipster in me wanted to delay the use since it'll be all over the town.

But in fairness, she does look awesome and pretty. Can't wait to start building her!

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Second Blog - Both Sides of the Spectrum

Today was quite the day.

Finals week can really be such a pain in the arse. But I don't really feel that bummed out too much -- maybe it's the fact that the end on inching in, and that I'll have more time for things.

So anyway...

I got a copy of this, and tried it out. Dunno, much more inclined to DC Comics recently. John Constantine is an interesting character IMO. Can't really say much yet since I'm still barely feet deep into this culture's ocean.

I guess I'm liking it here~

"We trick the universe into handing us effects without the cause. Things we didn't earn."

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First Blog - Let It Be About Anything; Let's Think of Things

Actually, I want this first blog post to be totally random. And since I'm not really a blogger -- that'll be kinda easy difficult.

I'm planning to make a Weekly Blog of sorts but I have no clue on what it'll be about.

(plus I still have a theory blog to update, repopulate, and recode -- ugh)

Maybe I'll just post here (in other blog entries) my current reads. Gonna be somewhat crunch-time this week though. A hell week to be exact. But the end of the week is so near, I can smell it (and maybe taste it as well)

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