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Harper isn't sexy, especially her hair and nose piercings. And she doesn't have a Catwoman figure, you can't just replace Selina Kyle as Catwoman.


  1. Some people go for the piercings
  2. More than one type of figure can be sexy
  3. If all Catwoman is to you is "sexy" then I'm not sure you're much of a Catwoman fan

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Personally, I would love to see someone (preferably a writer who understands the realities of living in the DRC a bit better than Judd Winick) take David Zavimbe and spin him off into a series based on The Kingdom. While the original team has mostly died off, the concepts and designs for them were really cool, and I could definitely see Zavimbe leading a team of young African heroes who take up those now empty mantles.

Yes please we need this.

but will that sell? it sounds awesome btw but will it selll. comics is all about money.

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@wavemotioncannon what @G-Man means is that this character, the son of Lucius Fox is Lucius Fox Jr therefore this article for Luke Fox is a duplicate.

it hasn't been proven that Luke Fox is Lucius Fox Jr. in this interview it seems that he is not L.F. Jr.

Nrama: When the new armor was revealed, there had been guesses that the new Batwing had a connection to the Batman Beyond universe. And Lucius Fox Jr. does exist in Batman Beyond. Are you thinking of Luke as the same eventual character from the animated universe?

Gray: It's hard within a large corporation to cross-pollinate different mediums. For instance, film stuff doesn't necessarily always make it into comics; comics’ stuff doesn't always make it into films; and video games and so on.

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I admit I tried Batwing and it didn't feel right to me. However, one aspect of the book I did like was that it was very much tied to the country. He lived in Africa, he fought against the corruption in Africa and had a ventured interest in the country. We take this new character who's a millionaire, had no real concern with the troubles going on in Africa and he's going to be the new Batwing... this feel contrived on so many levels I can't even begin to describe it.

On the other hand I can not deny they need to do something. Sales are dropping drastically, and this book may already be too late to save. I commend them for trying a new approach, just weary about their choices.

Africa is not a country but i get what your saying.

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I wish the costume didn't look so much like Batman Beyond's. I'd rather see Terry McGuiness wear a costume styled like that than Batwing.

He's supposed to be the precursor to Terry, who has his own book.

i really wish people would connect the dots. this is obviously the prototype to the Batman Beyond suit. also Terry has two books. Batman Beyond and Batman Beyond Unlimited one of which Luke shows up in.

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this is an old thread but this is a silly question. how is Lex Luther any match for superman?

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So thy replaced one token black guy with another token black guy? So shocking. And clearly if the staff think it's a good idea, you can be sure it sucks.

how is he a token black guy??

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so no one is going to talk about how they changed Naomi's race from black to asain?

good issue btw

Oh you did notice that!actually the previous issues of GA were so forgettable that even the current creative team may have forgotten the little facts..lol

yeah but if she later becomes an important character that's going to be really messed up. it looks like she is going to survive this arc too.

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Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

how are these spoilers when this page was created the day the issues came out? its not even in the batwing forum.

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so no one is going to talk about how they changed Naomi's race from black to asain?

good issue btw

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maybe its the lighting and coloring of the issue but in both green arrow 18 and 19 Naomi appears to be asian, but issues 1 - 17 she's a black woman. i know im not the only one who notices this?