Judd Winick I salute you!

I’m really enjoying the Justice League: Generation Lost series. It captures everything I look for in my comic book reading in a nice self contained way.   There aren’t a lot of teasers trying to get me to buy other on-going crossovers or series.   The characters are well portrayed and consistent.   Each issue has a nice balance of action and intrigue and ends with a compelling cliff hanger.  

When I consistently enjoy a series from issue to issue I have to attribute it to the Writer, in this case Judd Winick.   If you haven’t been following it consider picking up the trades (they will start being released later this month) or back issues.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else is enjoying his writing as much as I have been.

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Posted by Blurred View

I've been a big fan of Judd Winick since his days at Marvel on Exiles. Generation Lost is definitely some of his best work, though. I think it's winning over a lot of people who were previously writing him off as just a "shock" writer who only did controversial stories.

Posted by AtPhantom

Credit where it's due though, first ten or so issues were co written by Keith Giffen, and I think he's responsible for establishing the characters early on. It is pretty damn fun though.

Posted by Trodorne

I have to say i never read much of judds work. but right now in Justice League he is kicking ass and taking names. I have not been blown away with a justice league title since Cry for Justice.

Posted by Tempest55

I'm really diggin' this serious as well, originally I started because it had tie-in's to Power Girl and I am glad that I got on board. I had also just finished reading Infinite Crisis for the first time so I already knew that Maxwell Lord was going to be a bad ass villain. 

I think my favorite parts about this series are: Captain Atom's forward jumps in time, Blue Beetle, and Red Rocket's personalities. I knew that I was instantly hooked when they used this quote in relation with the story.  " The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"