Bypassing moderation explained

The official FAQ on all the Whiskey Media sites says that you need 1000 points before being granted the ability to post wiki edits without moderation. Yesterday, I found that a submission on Anime Vice went though instantly - when I wasn't even half way to the target. I had, however, already got past 500 points here at Comic Vine. Combined with my Giant Bomb total, I was above 1000. It seems that when the Whiskey Media Multi-Pass was introduced, the 1000 points requirement became the total on all Whiskey sites, not per site. The FAQ doesn't say this. So if you unexpectedly find yourself able to post instantly live edits, that's the reason.


Dandy Revamp Next Week!

The Dandy is relaunching with a new look and all new comic strips next week. It's out on Wednesday 27th October 2010 (issue dated 30th October 2010) and will cost £1.50