Young Justice and Green lantern Info

Hey guy Ive been Seeing that a lot of people have been missing Green Lantern and Young Justice episodes so If you haven't seen them here's a list of sites you can go on:(I will give more updates to more websites as soon as i get them)

Feel free to add any


The Avengers 2 Movie

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow! Lets face it the Avengers was a pretty good movie, but is will the second be better than the first? With the original first five characters they had a lot of the focus being shared between them. This makes it harder on the new viewers because they may have a lot of unanswered questions that they may not understand. Also without back stories-movies I think that they lose some of the importance of the character (like Black Widow, Nick Furry). However there are now rumors of new characters that may appear. One being Ms Marvel! Witch asks the questions: Do you think that they should add new characters to the Nearly over crowded Avengers? If you could what characters would you place in the new movie?

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Justice League Movie

Hey guys have you seen the DC online movie trailer? Did you like it? Do you think that DC should release a movie with real characters or should they make it C.G.? Also if you do decide to make it real who do you cast for your own personal Justice League. Let me know ur top 5 people you would cast or do you think that the C.G. is the way to go?

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Scapegoat or G.O.A.T (Jason Todd)

To love him or to hate him would be the question! Do you think that the Red Hood gets a good rep or is he just a cheap knockoff of a real hero/villain? I've recently read a little about the history of Mr Todd and from the looks of it, it seems as tho they try to make him a cheap copy of Dick Grayson.Also they seem to always make him second best. (Being the 2nd robin, the 2nd red hood, appearently he lead the titans at one point....(i couldnt find any comics on that but did read an article about it) 3rd leader of the outlaws ..etc........) But on the flip side he has very different ways about doing the things that he does and for his own personal beliefs and reasons that sometimes make him a hated character in the dc universe and he holds a lot of the blame for what he's done because of his past and the wait of always being compared to. So is he misguided or a misfit? Does that makes him the scapegoat or is he on his way to being top dog? Is the way Jason see's the world a better reality, or does he make it worse for it to come? I would like to know do you think that the comic's give him a fair chance of having his own individuality? Is he forced to live in the shadows of Dick Grayson,and others? Will he ever be the 1st leader of something? Will he every really be excepted by the bat family? Is his morals unjust or is it better for the world? should we hate Jason or should we praise him for having his own views?

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Young Justice (TV) Rumors and theories

So I've been watching the young justice cartoons and i see that there are a lot of speculation going on with the show so I would like to know what the ppl of comic vine thinks so.....

1 Will superboy's powers grow by the end of the show?

2 Who is the lights partner?

3 Is that deathstroke or ravager in the trailer? (Youtube, Young justice Invasion Comic-Con 2012) If you havent seen it.

4 Which team is tigress aka artemis playing for?

5 Will superboy and miss martian get back together?

6 What of the run a ways, what will happen to them?

7 What is black beetle's purpose on the show?

8 Will starfire and raven be on the show?

9 Will Jason Todd make an cameo?

10 Do you think that the plain that the main four have will back fire? is there a double cross? and who else knows about the plain?