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Hehe, good to see how this always pops back up. Honestly there are quite a lot of Boom Boom fans out there, certainly much more than some more regular used characters have, would be great if Marvel editorial would take notice of this sometimes.
On the other hand it could just be a disaster like all her short appearances since X-Force #17-18 have been.

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I don't see it that way until I get a satisfying explanation why Tabby and Sam suddenly weren't together anymore, when he reappeared in X-Treme X-Men.
Stuff like this just makes me sick.
There are pairings which should either continue or be resolved properly.
No matter how much I loathe Cyclops being with Frost, at least the break-up between him and Jean didn't come out of the blue and was treated with some respect.
Besides, Sam and Dani is so much like incest, frankly I couldn't  ever see these two in a romantic relationship, no  matter what some hack x-men writer wishes for.

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@Darkmount1 said:
Oh, other than my earlier comment, these moments, when I first read about them (I got into comics back in 2008) made me angry, to the point that I wanted to organize everyone here to stage a coup on the comic companies: 
-The trouble with keeping the Justice League roster (with the trinity) stable throughout volume 2 (though I do like the new lineup they have right now) 
-Spider-Man's problems because of OMD 
-The sheer amount of (prominent and secondary) character deaths in these past few years 
-The fact that they turned the Scarlet Witch into an insane killer and Daredevil into a puppet for a demon 
-Depowering Static 
-Completely messing up the Marvel Family 
-Deciding to alter Wonder Woman's timeline 
-The fact that they put Earth-Man into the Legion of Super-Heroes and made Mon-El a Green Lantern 
-The arguments stemming from the storytelling of "Grounded" (and the way it is being depicted)
-Power Girl having financial troubles 
-Not changing David Reid back to normal 
-The fact that Jean Grey is still dead 
-Hawkman and Hawkgirl being disintegrated by the White Lantern 
-Aquaman getting his hand cut off.....AGAIN 
-Killing Holly Granger and Garth 
-Green Arrow killing Prometheus 
-Lian Harper being killed 
-Roy Harper's downward spiral 
-And finally, along with the above and some others I don't need to mention at this point 
Maxwell Lord shooting Jaime Reyes in the head.
 I think at some point this year, I'm going to write a letter/manifesto to both of the big two, to tell them to clean up their acts for good.....and for pete's sake, get rid of their obsession with death. Fewer and fewer big events More standalone issues or 2-3 part stories in a titleThe return of anthology titles and digests, if they want to get more readers No unecessary reboots, get writers who know and care for the characters they're tasked with telling tales of And finally, START DOING INTERCOMPANY CROSSOVERS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! "

I really like you, you are after my taste, we are angry about exactly the same things

There's not one point where I'd disagree with you, okay maybe Intercompany Crossovers, I can live without them.

I'd just add Dolphin to Garth and Holly Granger.

And Jaime? First they unneccessarily kill of Ted Kord, albeit replacing him with a really good character, just to kill this character off in exactly the same way?

How I love the Didiot and Johns.

Seriously, each month I buy less superhero biiks by the big 2 and buy more comics from Dark Horse/ Image/ IDW and other indie publishers.

At elast, if I buy an Avatar comic, I know it will be tasteless, violent and full of gore and (probably) sex. I really don't need to see this in a regular Marvel or DC comicbook

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"Every single appearance of Emma Frost makes me shake my head. "

corrected for truth. 



why does everyone hate what i love :( (maybe jotham was right, maybe i have poor taste) "

jotham is totally right, you have no idea how much I loathe you for posting this pics, activated my gagreflex again.
Seriously, here I come to check this thread, one week after I posted the last time and now this.
I just don't feel welcome here anymore. :-)

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I'm quite anal retentive when it comes to that.

I've literally spent hours being angry about stuff like that. 

The most recent? 

I'd say OMD still ranks nr. 1

But the last Cable series was like one big mess-up.

They basically reduced the character back to his first appearance as if everything in between never happened.

Another example would be the X-Force Sex&Violence mini.

The idea that Domino would ever get involved with the hairy little runt, led to me feeling really sick. 
Not in the mind, I actually felt nauseous when I looked at some of the pages. Never even managed to finish one whole issue.

Ohh, there are ton's more, I wish there'd be one month where there isn't one scene in a big two comic that makes me shake my head.

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I've also got the feeling that for some reason editorial or the writer don't want Tabitha or any of the other later New Mutants in the fold. 
It's weird though, because Rahne also isn't with the team and she was one of the original NM's.

I'd think you could add at least one newer member to the team to replace her, but I even got a direct answer via email that it was n't gonna happen. 
Still sucks though.

Sometimes I fel that today's  Marvel staff actually goes out of their way to annoy old fans, instead of giving us some fanservice. 
The missing interaction is something that bothers me enourmosly, I mean there s a woman who he wants even wanted to marry, but we never see Cannonball exchange even a greeting with her? Yeah, yeah, sure! It all happens offscreen but with other characters you manage to show even the most dull stuff.


Basically I'd say that the whole first X-Force series is treated as if it never existed.

It's never getting referenced anywhere and every development in it has either been retconned or is simply being ignored. 
This really concerns all former members, Cable and Domino included. 
And it is happening for a while now. 
First thing I noticed was that Roberto's flight and energycasting ability wasn't used anymore, the next thing was in one of the earlier X-Factor issues, were Rictor and Syrin were introduced to each other, like they'd never seen the other before.

At that time I even wrote a letter because of it, it was printed in the lettercolumn, but basically PD just said he did it for readers that are not familiar with the characters. 
Which honestly doesn't make a lot of sense, because he could just've used someone like Monet who really had almost no contact with both of them (especially given her convoluted history).


Bad characterísation is no surprise for me, I can't remember a time were seldom used characters didn't make appearances that were totally OOC. 
At least Dazzler was in New Excalibur a few years back, I'd be more than happy if Tabitha' d get a chance like this again.

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I guess Rogue and Tabby together could work, but since Mike Carey has such a lot of characters to draw from, chances are pretty low, that this would actuallay happen.
Regarding her powers, pretty much all the development her powers made in X-Force has pretty much been ignored. But that's the case with a lot of others as well, Cannonball seems to have much less controll over his forcefield, and Sunspot only uses his Superstrength.
Pretty strange.    

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@HexThis said:
" @xerox-kitty said:
" @PrinceIMC said:
" Is there a rule that only actual original New Mutants can be in the New Mutants or something. Are people like Boom Boom and Warpath just sitting around Utopia while Sam and his older friends go on missions? If they don't put her in New Mutants I think she'd be great in X-Factor but not klepto pyromaniac Nextwave version of Tabitha.  "
I think there is a rule about that ;)  It also excludes Rahne for spending too much time with X-Factor ;)  Personally, I'm waiting for Louise Simonson to get cracking on X-Terminators Forever so we can have some classic Boom-Boom, Rictor, Rusty, Skids, Artie, Leech & Taki action ;) "
X-terminators would be great. Marvel really needs to capitalize on the lesser known mutants, their storylines are simply better than any A-list title right now. I think it's because when you look at a book like Uncanny, you know Wolverine, Scott, and Emma are never in any actual danger, they're not going to die, they're not going to be too heavily defied by any of the other members of the team, and they'll always come out the heroes. With X-factor, Jaime Madrox is always getting his comeuppance, they have certain powerful members of the team like Monet or Strong Guy but everyone gets an opportunity to shine and save the day.   I would love for Tabby to be on X-factor but it's pretty evident Peter David hates her and doesn't appear to know anything about her either, if she saw Rictor and Shatterstar coming along she'd totally jump in Rictor's arms first. Tabby loves Rictor, she always has, they're like brother and sister. I think she would be pretty awesome on New Mutants but I definitely feel like it's written from the perspective that the original New Mutants are the ONLY way to go.   I think Tabby should join a misfit team. A trio. Her, Marrow, and Typhoid Mary, it could be like the Mystique series when Xavier enlists her to do dangerous covert missions away from the rest of the X-men. I mean, you know if she were on Uncanny or something like that they'd end up making her Wolverine's sidekick, coming between Kitty and Pitor, or getting killed in some stupid way.   "

This rule can't really exist,  seeing how both Amara and Cypher weren't New Mutants at the start. Just count the issues were they both appeared as New Mutants members, if I'm not totally wrong, they are less than Tabitha's. I mean only when they are really members, in case of Amara being a hellion doesn't count, as well as Doug's appearnces before he was recognized as a mutant and team member.
X-Factor is the other book I'd love to see her in, not only because half of the group consists of her former teammates, but also because PD does a great job with all this fringe characters. Okay, the appearance in the special was a bit strange, but with this alone, can you really be sure PD hates her? 
As far as Richtor is concerned, the connection between them hasn't been that strong for a long time, if you look at X-Force's later issues, she treats him none different to her other teammates. 
I think it is pretty strange  that we never even see anyone in the New Mutants squad or in X-Factor interact with either Tabitha or James Proudstar., it's like "yes, we've been teammates for so and so many years, but now I won't even talk to you:"  Today the Writers (or perhaps the editors) either only want to accept certain connections or they just don't want to respect continuity. 
Personally I never liked X-Terminators very much, except for Boom Boom and Rictor they were pretty dull characters. I agree that Uncanny wouldn't be the right place for her, but hey, if she actually started to play a bigger part in it, I wouldn't complain, unless they just want to kill her off.  
Has Boom Boom ever had any contact with either Typhoid Mary or Marrow? It would be a pretty strange team. Two psychos and a  nonstop talking valley girl (exaggerating her!!)? 
What would be the reaon fir such a team?

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Okay, now I'm happy, there are still a few other Boom Boom fans around. 

I just can't get my head around the fact, that Karma, Magma and Cypher are in New Mutants, while Tabby (who has been on New Mutants and follow-up X.Force much longer, than the three) is not. 
Being both Sam and Bobby's former love interest, you could make great angst stories, when you think of the friction it might create with current relations.

She is such a great character and she's being totally wasted.

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What a great rant, I agree with everything, especially the Cyclops part of it. 
So he was possessed, hm... then why is he still together with Emma?

"You know, I'm excused for cheating on my wife, because I was posessed. 
But know it's just so practical to just keep the blonde trollop around, because she has such a great character."

And his record is devastating, it's almost unbelievable how many mistakes he makes and still is shown as this great strategist and master planer. 

 He didn't gve shit about his wife, he didn't give shit when he was responsible for his son dying... 

Face it people he is horrible. 


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