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Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I will take them into consideration.

However, I find Year One to have been too focused on the Bat-family, and I don't think the Titans were given their due. Many of the character moments were nice, especially the Superman and Jim Gordon ones, but I did not like the interactions between Nightwing and Batgirl. It felt like another "star-crossed lovers ret-con" to me. Had there been no romantic overtones, I would have been fine with it. As you pointed out in an earlier thread, Nathaniel, ret-cons such as Nightwing Annual #2 have made people think Dick and Babs were together for much longer than they really were. Year One contributes to that. I'm not a Dick/Kory shipper, but I felt Dixon was suggesting Dick didn't actually love Kory, etc. To me, that's not an accurate grasp on the character because it ignores the NTT history. Plus, it kind of makes Dick look like a dick and I'm never a fan of that. I might be nit-picking a bit and letting the little things ruin my overall enjoyment of the work, but for some of us, this kind of stuff is a big deal. Dick was established, for such a long time, as someone who was loving, respectful, and not a cad. It's one of the many reasons he has so many female fans. Ret-cons that tarnish that image really annoy some of us.

I think I'm too wedded to "The Judas Contract" to ever truly enjoy Bruce firing Dick. This version was so harsh. Yes, it's high drama, but I hate to see Bruce being that much of a jerk.

But, seriously, thanks for the replies. I don't hate Year One, but I guess I would never put it in my top 5.

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and and

Why do you guys love Year One so much? I am genuinely curious because it really doesn't do it for me. Most of my Tumblr friends don't really like it either, so I'm genuinely curious to hear a different perspective.

Actually, same thing for The Lost Year. What do you like about it?

I would really appreciate hearing your perspective! Thanks.

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Generally, I agree - especially with the parts about Dick's relationships. The relationships are, in fact, the primary reason I read the comics. DC has such great characters with such great connections to each other. Dick, in particular, had an amazing web of friends and family. Why would you mess with that? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I am definitely with on the Dick and Bruce relationship. In fact, I actually joined Comic Vine (and stopped lurking) so that I could tell him I agreed with his review of Nightwing #0 (and so did a lot of other people on Tumblr).

Dick being Bruce's ward was such an intrinsic part of the character. Heck, it was an intrinsic part of our culture! The first time I ever ran across the term "ward" was in connection with "Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward." I'm saddened DC changed that, for seemingly no apparent reason, when it takes so much away from the character. I try to console myself with the scenes from Batman #11 ("I didn't save you, you saved me") and Nightwing #16 ("you make Batman weakest"). But with eliminating the ward-guardian/father-son distinction and making the two closer in age, it's like DC wants us to make them a couple. Wertham would rise from his grave and shout, "I told you so!" ;)

The loss of the Titans sucks, but I choose to pretend it happened unofficially. There's no excuse for Wally and Donna being expunged, though - both were awesome. The Dick and Donna relationship was particularly great because it was a true male-female friendship that wasn't sexual (I know the writers thought about it, but it never happened). You don't see enough male-female friendships in media.

Perhaps more disturbing is the stuff about Tim and Jason being so close. What?! That doesn't make sense for so many reasons. Is DC trying to pair the brothers off? Dick and Damian and Jason and Tim? Was it so wrong for Dick to be close to both Tim and Damian? That was a reflection of his character as the more emotionally-open Bat-dude.

It's honestly as though some higher-up at DC finally googled Dick Grayson, saw the articles arguing "Dick Grayson is the center of the DC universe," and thought "can't have that!" On the surface, Dick is still a bamf and an irreplaceable member of the Bat-family. But underneath, DC is chipping away at the foundations. I'm on to you, DC. Dan Didio, will you never stop?

I understand why you guys want Dick to leave Gotham, and it does make sense. I didn't mind him being in Gotham because it meant more father-son (or whatever it is) interaction with Bruce and more appearances in the Bat-books overall. I saw he's going to be on a team soon, which should be good. However, I kind of wish they would do a Nightwing: Brave and the Bold series wherein Nightwing trots around the DC universe and teams up with everybody, one at a time. Bats did it for years in the 1970s and 1980s. Nightwing might not be a big enough name to hold down the title (I think he could, but DC might not), but it would be an excellent way to establish him as the center of the DCU. Plus, it would be fun!

Finally, I'm kind of ambivalent about the Court of Owls. I thought it was a fine story (I'm a fan of exploring the past), but I'm afraid it means Dick is no longer part Romani. I realize that was a later addition to the character, but it was nice because it gave an added smidgen of diversity to the Bat-crew.

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For a while, Dick Grayson was Roma. I'm not sure if that's still true, though, after the Court of the Owls. Maybe he's Romani on his mother's side now?

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This might sound obvious, but have you checked your public library? Surprisingly, many public libraries have a great graphic novel section, which includes a lot of trade paperbacks. I bounce between LA and a small city in Ohio and both places have tons of TPBs to check out. Sometimes I have to order them from other libraries, but the delay is worth it!

As for what to read, I'd go with any New Teen Titans and Nightwing trades you can. I much prefer The Judas Contract over Year One, but if you can borrow them from a library, there's no reason not to read everything you can get your hands on.

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I'm 27, currently in Los Angeles, finishing my PhD studies in medieval history. As far as comics go, I pretty much only read stuff with Dick Grayson in it because he's my favorite. Lame, but that's that.

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Ugh, Nightwing Annual 2. The worst ret-con ever. I find it to have been completely out of character and choose to ignore it. I realize that Dick has had sex with a fair number of women, but he would never cheat on someone! Even when he had that fling with Helena he was respectful.

I think that Annual was misguided. The Nightwing series was exceedingly Bat-centric and really downplayed the importance of the Titans in Dick's life. That whole series really seemed to brush his relationship with Starfire under the rug. Even Nightwing: Year One downplayed the Teen Titans and reduced Kory to a "spice girl." The annual was trying to prove that Dick and Babs were destined to be together (it came out right around the time they were engaged), and it just made Dick look like a dick. Real people can have more than one serious, meaningful relationship. Dick and Barbara didn't have to be star-crossed lovers finally getting together. Kory was never in the way - why write an annual that made it look like she had been? Jason Bard was never treated like that.

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Well, I thought this was an interesting post, BatWatch! It seems like you are getting a bit of crap/people not understanding your point, and that's too bad. Robin has become a legacy character, so it seems only fair to ask how Damian fits the mold. Yes, all of the Robins have been different, but they have also all been filling the "Batman's sidekick role," which seems to follow a certain logic (such as making Batman look good). As Batman's prowess has been more firmly established, Robin doesn't have to trip every third step, but he's still more fallible then Bats.

Anyway, I look forward to you exploring more criteria. When I think of the legacy role of Robin, I often think of the categories in this post [http://ozandends.blogspot.com/2012/03/all-reasons-for-robin.html]. Maybe your categories are similar? If so, I can't wait to see your assessment of Damian as comic relief or the $64,000 question: is Damian evil? On second thought, maybe you should avoid that last one ;)

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Interesting and should be fun.

I suppose I shouldn't quibble with the writer (since he is the writer and Kyle has been doing a good job), but it seems so trite to say Dick's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. I feel rather ambivalent about that statement: Dick's ability to move on is a great strength but I'm not sure I agree he's always in motion, physically or emotionally. Plus, I think trying to highlight one "greatest strength" sells Nightwing short.

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These are cool theories. I, of course, don't want any of them to happen or anyone to die because I dislike change and sad things. I know, so lame, but that's why I don't write comics (well, one of many reasons). I really hope the "death of denial" doesn't happen because I think Bruce needs his family. God, he'd be such a dark, insufferable jerk without them. Although the writers would no doubt tell some awesome just-Batman stories.

I also kind of hope the "death of a legacy" doesn't happen because it would seem a little too The Dark Knight Rises for me.

"Death of morality" is interesting. I think that Damian was hinting that Tim has the capacity to kill in Batman & Robin 10, so Tim could be the killer. However, while I can see Tim killing, I'm not sure I see him doing it for the family. Seems weird, but I think he'd be much more likely to kill to protect his Young Justice/Teen Titans friends. As you mentioned, Dick is the one I most envision killing for the sake of the family. If backed into a corner, he would kill to save any member, even Jason and Damian, and I'm not sure I can imagine another Bat-person doing that. Of course, Dick already beat the Joker to death/near death (he got better!), so maybe that is out because it's been done. Although the "Last Laugh" beating didn't have many repercussions, so it could be done again.

I think I like the "death of integrity" theory best. That would be crazy! It would also potentially be the "easiest" to accomplish. Joker would not die (thereby losing a money-making villain), nor would any of the main characters. And recently DC has been doing a lot with revealing secrets from the past, so it seems like it could happen.

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