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@graysonmatter I would love to read your thoughts on this. Actually, I am getting people together via Tumblr to write academic (or academic-ish) pieces about Dick for his 75th. We are going to run them on a website if nothing else, but I am also going to try to find a publisher. There are quite a few scholarly books about Batman, but none about Dick. It might be a long shot, but I talked to at least one publisher that might be interested.

If anyone else is interested, please let me know! We welcome contributions from everyone. You don't have to be a "scholar" or even a college student. Anything goes on the project website, and we have people who can help you whip anything you write into shape should our publishing pipe dream come true.

: ) Here's our Tumblr: http://75yearsofdickgrayson.tumblr.com/

Please join the fun! Our writing crew is a bit female-heavy at the moment and variety is good.

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As you know, Dick Grayson will celebrate his 75th anniversary in 2015. DC has already indicated they are going all-out for Bruce in 2014, but I fear Dick might be left out.

To that end, some of us are starting to prepare already for the party! I'm trying to get people to write about Dick, on any topic you might wish, so that I can run them on a website in 2015. If we get really lucky, we might be able to make it into a book, as there are no scholarly or pseudo-scholarly books out there devoted solely to Dick Grayson. I can't guarantee anything, but I have been talking with some publishers, so something could happen. Please get in touch with me if you want to write something, especially if you have a topic you can put an academic spin on (put those university philosophy, literature, history, etc classes to work!). I especially need some people who could write about fighting styles or gadgetry. Feel free to create your own topic, though!

Any other ideas for celebrating 75 years of Dick Grayson?

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@jayaaerow I meant that Forever Evil hinted at pre-boot Dick when the Crime Syndicate said Dick Grayson had lots of friends and family that the CS was going to take out. It sounded more like blue Nightwing than red Nightwing. As other posters have pointed out, such as you and @smoothjammin, such comments don't make sense for New 52 Nightwing, but they make perfect sense for DCU Nightwing. If Forever Evil tells me Dick is super important, rather than showing me, I'm tempted to let it slide because I want Dick to return to his former glory. Yeah, my optimism will probably come back and bite me in the butt, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Sometimes I just get exhausted continually raining curses down on DC.

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There is so much wrong with this, as you guys have already said. But I did appreciate, as @jake_fury, noted that Dick suddenly became incredibly important. The way the Crime Syndicate talked about him, he was pre-reboot Nightwing. If only. If DC wants to revert back to pre-boot Nightwing, who has tons of friends and out-awesomes Batman, I am all for it. I won't even complain if they just revert without explanation - I'm that desperate.

Since Forever Evil #1 hinted at pre-boot Dick, I'm trying to stay positive. Let's be optimistic like Dick Grayson would!

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I'm delighted Dick won. The final three was definitely perfect. It's extremely difficult to determine Dick vs. Alfred. In recent years, Alfred has been Bruce's first ally, but way back when Dick came first (1940 to Alfred's 1943).

Anyway, nice contest.

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I vote for no romance at all.

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Dick Grayson appears in the following issues of Batman/Superman (2003):

As Nightwing: issues #5, 13, 50, 55, 65

*60 and 61 feature a Dick and Hal mash-up character called Nightlantern

As Batman: issues #75, 76, 77, 80

As Robin: issue #79 (college age) and Annual 2 (child; meeting Supes for the first time)

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@batwatch I would have been so sad if DC had changed Dick's name. So sad.

It super sucks they changed his relationship with Bruce in #0, but the two still seem to have a special relationship based on the other comics.

Yes, B:TAS. Best cartoon ever.

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"But he is still young even though he has been bruces partner longer then any other robin"

Sorry, this is minor and me being petty, but that's just not true. I know Tim said something to that effect in a Red Robin (I think) comic, but that was a writer's mistake. It had to be! In the pre-reboot universe, Dick was definitely Robin longest.

Publication wise it's

Dick: 1940-1984

Tim: 1989-2009 (short break in 2004)

Age wise, let's start with Tim. He was 13 when he started (A Lonely Place of Dying) and 17 when he became Red Robin. That's only four years.

Dick was originally 8 when he started (he mentions this in NTT #39), but that's varied. Sometimes he's ten (Secret Origins #13), sometimes he's 11 (the Grimm storyline in Legends of the Dark Knight). And sometimes he seems to be 12 (Year Three, I think).

He quit being Robin at 19 in NTT. He quit being Bruce's full-time partner when he went to college, presumably at 18. So that's anywhere from 6 to 10 years as Bruce's partner.

Minor, but that comment the writer had Tim make really bugged me because it just wasn't true.

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