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Action-packed. 0

This comic had more action than Starman 81, which goes to show that nothing is very sacred anymore in the comic world. A comic book about a US president's dog was actually better written than a DC comic for a well-loved series that has millions of loyal fans around the world.  I'd let my kid read this comic book and I actually thought the comic book was corny, but well-written so kids could understand. The author included a nice amount of history and some random facts that most wouldn't know, si...

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A nice revisit to Opal...with some reservations. 0

When I opened Starman 81, SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.I didn't expect to see Shade discussing the state of his relationship with Hope O'Dare, sans a shirt. In honesty, that part of the story was slightly out of character - both are relatively strong-willed characters and if their relationship as we had seen what it is in #80 had progressed so such heights by now, would we have been witnessing such a pointless argument? If anything, the scene reminded me of something r...

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Saw it coming. 0

To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed with issue 4. I'm a rather new fan of Captain America comics, having read the entire Brubaker run over a weekend, and have been waiting for these Reborn instalments quite impatiently. After an annoying delay on #4, we finally get the issue in early November.  The comic starts out very entertaining. To be honest, the entire comic could have been Red Skull and his posse bickering with Doom & Co and I would have probably enjoyed it more. However, the inevi...

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