James Robinson is a hack. Keep him away from Shade.

James Robinson has NO IDEA how to write this character any more. I gave him a chance with Starman 81, but my greatest fears were confirmed. 
I have taken a break from him recently, hoping that the new series would redeem him, but I noticed a new upload in the gallery that confirmed my worst fears. 
SHADE IS NOW CONFUSED BY AMERICAN HOLIDAYS? He's lived in the United States more than 100 years. This is just further proof James Robinson has no idea what he's doing these days. He's gaining the lowest common denominator fans now with his piss poor writing. I'm talking fangirls and people who have really no idea what Starman is about, think the OOC romance with Hope is actually endearing, and so on.
Debate me all you want, but he admitted he doesn't even own the Shade series. I'd be surprised if he even owns Starman 0-80 any more. James has become a grade-A hack and I am sick and tired of him rehashing Starman suddenly, only to grind it to the ground through his rapidly deteriorating storytelling skills. 
I also find it particularly interesting that some dweeb thought they could completely remove all of my hard work on Shade's bio. Thanks, man! Enjoy your 100000 gazillion points you got from writing the article that now puts all of the new garbage for Swift on a pedestal. Just further proof that the Shade I knew and loved is indeed dead, and has been dragged through the death by an tragically inept writer and his remaining, horridly inept, fans.