Dick Grayson's First Blog

This blogging stuff is new to me, but This is how I will begin, and I will begin with a topic, and that topic is Nightwing's New 52 suit. Now recently it updated to arm stripe, then to finger stripes. I think it is amazing with it's most recent update, which I will leave an image of. Some people say they like the Blue better. I have to disagree and say that The Red is better in my opinion. Red Resembles the flight of the bird. Whoever holds the Robin Title wears red as in them taking flight, I just think it fits in also with him being an acrobat. And the new holsters for his escrima's? Fantastic, I am a die-hard nightwing fan and I must say, I love the new and most recent update. That's all I have for my first blog. Adios!

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