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Apocalypse can't be the savior, at least I don't think he is slated for MCX, but if there is one person who could do it, it would be Apocalypse. Maybe Xavier is the savior..or the traitor. I just cannot wait anymore. good thing part 2 comes out tomorrow.

and sorry about us all thinking the X-Men won't kill, I beleive that will be hard to do. But then again, some have a;ready killed. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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I knew major X-fans would get that joke. furball loves Twinkies more than I do.

I never thought about Dark Beast, but the X-Writers did say they have plans for him in 2008. He would fit in with the militarism stance the X-Men are heading. and yeah, Iceman isn't a candidate, and Cyclops has been confirmed, probably for Astonishing, so he can't be it. Jean is already dead. so yeah, if it was one of the orignals Beast is it

Gambit is also a good choice. He has been an X-Man and an X-Foe. Problem is that, although he hasn't been in a decent book for a while, he is still very popular. But then again, they did kill Captain America.

and if what you say, that makes the X_Force team with Wolverine safe. Same thing for the Astonishing. Cyclops is needed as the leader. Emma is playing Jean's role((sorry. couldn't help that)) Colossus and Kitty have been reunited and Armor is probably going to be with them.

So yeah, going with my gut from the start the fatality is either Beast, Gambit or Xavier.

but what disturbed me most, was when I read the preview for I think CHapter 3. it saud, "What does Predator X have in common with the baby?" I was thinking dinner, but who knows.

as for non MCX news, the new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. It is not a hoax. Expect a release sometime next year

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LOL. it would shock the world. Like you said, no Beast means mutants are f*. Unless Sinister somehow saves the race, but would he? Maybe Sinister is working for the greater good. oh well. at least if Beast dies, there will be an unlimited number of Twinkies for him in heaven or hell, which is where he might be going

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I know. I have been thinking between Xavier and Beast. It has to be on eof the orignal five, though now it is the original four. I guess we will have to wait until later issues.

if either one dies it will be a WTF!!! moment. But I think more so Beast, because on the preview cover of Astonishing X-Men 25 that Bianchi did a while ago, Beast I don't think was on it

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how I would change the X-Men is simple. should have tried to stop them from making 7 damn books. I mean 7. I thought the number of books were going to be reduced. That said, I think each book should have a leader type

X-Force: Wolverine

New X-Men: Hellion

Uncanny X-Men: Storm

Astonishing X-Men: Cyclops

X-Factor: Madrox or Rictor

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Uncanny X-Men 492. You get two covers. a normal one, with Storm, Colossus among others on it and the Cyclops holding up the X-Flag variant.

and yeah. every week one is released. After this one on the 7th, the next is November 14

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yup. X-Men is going to start going hardcore.

I have been checking sites, but so far no new updates, other than what we already know.

and Cyke was purposely like that. Just giving out orders. And you can see how much they all respect him. No questions asked. Wolverine and Kurt and Angel did as he ordered. I guess he also finally has Frost in line and not the other way around.

I agree with you Elemental. I think Xavier is going to die. His dream is dead and it is fitting if he dies with it. As for the traitor, I am thinking maybe Iceman. Lets not forget that in X-Men 204 he started questioning Cyclops' leadership.

but don't worry folks. In a coupel of days Chapter 2 comes out. In the mean time I will continue doing my best to search for new info

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oh yeah. Cyclops is going to go all military. time for the peaceful strategy to stop. The X-Men don't kill. A'int going to work...not anymore.

and my vote to end that would be Wolverine. But then again, he is the perfect candidate. also in the next issues, Madrox shows up and X-Factor gets involved.

as for next issue, Cyclops sends some X-Men to beat the snot out of the Acolytes. they do it, while Cyclops, Emma Frost and Bishop among others talk strategy.

Chapter 4, has the New X-Men star. Time to see just how well Cyke and Frost have trained their recruits. though they have been doing well for themselves.

Chapter 5, Cyclops and Emma themselves join the fight as the Marauders attack.

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pretty much. Beast is among the biggest geniuses in the X-Universe next to Sinister. Which is why Beast's death would be an OMG!!! WTF!!!! moment.

but what I loved about the first part of Messiah Complex is that Cyclops took total command. He commanded and the others followed. Hell, even Emma followed his orders and we all know she has to be at the center of everything^^

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not alive per se. she is with the Phoenix in the White Crown helping top restore its power. Once that is done my guess is she will be back

and I won't argue with that. Lets see. Madelyn Prior..went insane and helped start Inferno. Jean Grey..went insane, became the Phoenix and blew up a planet. And Emma already went insane. See the end of Genration X.

and Emma is not a psychopath. Have you even read the X-books. How many insane psychopaths care about her students. Plus Frosty is here to say.

all I rememebr from the Song series is that it seems the Phoenix needs a powerful telepath for a host. tried Emma, but went insane so Jean managed to pull the Phoenix out of her. My guess is just keep you eye on comic websites and Marvel sites for Phoenix updates. It has been confirmed though that she won't be back anytime soon though