Anti-Punisher Team

I feel like I've seen this scenario a dozen times - what should be an unstoppable team of attackers has the Punisher cornered (usually in some sort of warehouse turned headquarters), and inevitably, the Punisher outplays them.

Don't be surprised if part of the Punisher's plan is to blow up the building and escape into the sewer.

Having seen it multiple times, I find the whole set up boring; been there, done that.

But I was imagining a team that could take down the punisher. A group with the necessary power/skills, without being so powerful it's not even a fight (for someone like the Phoenix or Silver Surfer, they just have to wave their hands and the Punisher is transformed into a toaster).

I also wanted to pick characters that would have an interesting chemistry with the Punisher.

So here's a team that should be able to handle the Punisher, while still having it be a bit of a fight/adventure...Imagine the Punisher cornered in a heavily fortified warehouse headquarters, and this team coming in for him.

There are four parts of the team:

Air Support -- They are making sure that the Punisher can't get away by land or air

Heavy Hitters -- they break through all the Punisher's defenses and heavy weapons, and open the way for the strategic strikers.By definition these folks are invulnerable to just about any and all direct attacks. At the same time, they are not fast enough or skilled enough to out-maneuver the Punisher on their own.

Sewer Crew -- To block the inevitable sewer escape.

Strategic Strikers -- They have skills or abilities to search through the warehouse to track down and confront the punisher directly. In general they have some special ability that makes them at least bullet/grenade resistant, since sending someone that can be killed by bullets and light explosives is just dumb.

The Strategists - To coordinate the team and anticipate the Punisher's options.

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