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i really wanted to ask some marvel fans this? has there been an event that causes Marvel now?

I`m really a DC kinnda guy and recetly started to read Marvel comics (Annihilation, Conquest, war of kings, guardians of the galaxy, Thanos Imperative and annihilators ) but when i got to Guardians of the galaxy v3 (marvel now) nothing makes sense anymore

i mean Star-Lord is BLONDE :O the team looks the same but it`s kinnda different, Thanos and Starlord are alive. It`s like the Marvel Now writers have no idea whats going on. I have no problem with some new inconsistency's as long as there is some kind of a reason for them but from what i gather marvel just throw history out the window. i just wanted to know if i`m missing and event that started MArvel Now and the reboots. Btw i`ve read AvX but that had nothing to do with space and it only changed the mutants in earth 616.

PS Is it just me or marvel whent crazy with the reboots lately i mean they don't EVEN finnish storylines and the book get`s rebooted

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truth is Spidey never gets interesting. Unfortunatlly marvel never knew what to do with the character and everytime they go 1 step forrow they also take 2 steps back .

Spider-man it`s pretty much the same in all the 700issues. Nothing important ever changer about the character. he gets married and then...(need i say more). For me Spiderman is a great character but it never goes anywere. It`s the same thing over and over and over and over again.

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i read a free comic oance where Spider-man is injured and a guy who works for the mafia or something, patches spidey. the issues is mostlly about that guys life and the fact that hes looking for work and althro there is a huge reward for killing spider-man he choses to do the right thing saying something like : you know you did somethimg wrong when puppies are not on you side

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is anyone reading this event? it`s awesome. One of the best and most organic events i`ve ever read. Valiant comics prove time after time that they know what theyr doing.

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Luke Evans the actor that played Sebastian Shaaw on fast and furious 6

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i`m more then oky with it. I was kinnda getting tired for supes or bats to always find a way to save somebody. i liked how it was made in MoS: there is no way to stop a kryptonian uless you kill him. no loop hole. kill him or he will kill millions. i trully understand the "no kill rule" but sometimes you can`t save the good guys AND the bad guys. and you have to make a very hard choise

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yes yes yes

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after i saw bruce giving the finger to the red hood gang i couldn`t stop laugfhing. I for one loved it. it showes that Bruce still had emotions and wasn`t as conld as when he becomes Batman