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I think Cap is a bit stronger, probably an iota quicker (he's not weighed down by a very heavy adamantium skeleton) and a slightly better hand to hand fighter. If they were to fight, it would be a very even, very long battle. That said, Wolvie's healing factor is the reason why he would eventually emerge the victor.

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I thought it was such a cool detail to have the crack and have it be glued by an uru enhancement. Why would they just throw such a great piece of trivia away?

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I just wish Marvel would be more diligent about maintaining continuity. Up until the early 90's they were pretty on top of that stuff, now it's non-stop contradictions.

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It got cracked during fear itself, fixed and enchanted with uru (but still had the cosmetic damage). What happened. In all the recent comics it's gone. Is it just laziness from a continuity standpoint, or did it get fully repaired?