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@hiddenlight: Although Darkseid already showed that fighting the League was no problem. GL wasn't a threat at all, neither was Batman. Flash was taken out by AoE attacks and had to run to just keep the Omega Beams away. The OB oneshot Superman, and would almost certainly do the same to Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The only real threat was the two magical weapons that Aquaman and Wonder Woman had, but even when he got his eyes gouged out by them it didn't really slow Darkseid down. Plus, Darkseid can mass scatter a planet if he gets angry enough, most of the League isn't surviving that.

His eyes where fine you can see that there unharmed in later panels and in the villain issue he was fine after he had the boom tube collapse on him, he only ever got his eye's gouged out in the movie.

We've been given the reason he hasn't gone back in the 5 year gap and it's because he made a deal with Highfather that he would be allowed free reign in the Earth 2 universe if he left others alone.

His best trait at the moment seems to be his durability, he wasn't affected by Mr Terrifics Boom spheres which are suppose to bypass durability by teleporting away the flesh it touches. Worlds end Mr Terrific could easily solo a lot of high end teams given that upgrade and his ability to bring in countless T-spheres from across dimensions.

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@jkutz: @lukehero

I know she can do that but we have to analyze the science behind teleportation, I mean she doesn't just cease to exists and then re-exist where she wants to.

Sure she can it's a comic, many of the things steeped in science don't actually make any sense nevermind that Misfits ability is magical in nature

Your comparison seems to be Star Trek for some reason which would be using the teleporter almost like a projector to send or retrieve the molecules. Nothing like that exists here, Misfits thinks of where she wants to be even if she has never been there and will be there instantly bypassing security and motion sensors that would detect the Martian Manhunter.

Anyway a bloodlusted Misfit is beastly and far from a weak character

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@dextersinister: there were numerous reasons Azula snapped and it wasn't due to what you stated.. She already foreshadowed Ty Lee and Mai betraying her.. And announced it with a snide grin to her father with them in the same room

"What you heard in her voice was acting" why would she be acting? Nothing from her character would suggest that.. no what we heard was her voice uncharacteristically pitching and slightly cracking during their conversation and her showing internal conflict..she asked if he was hurt asked if Korra was there.. That's when she told her men to check the signed then she fired

Seems you misread the scene


and on Kuvira it doesn't matter what you heard it's an undeniable fact that telling someone you love them and that you plan to stay with them forever all the while using them as a means to find and kill them along with your enemies is stone cold.

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@sog7dc: My original hope and idea was that it would end with a faustian deal but we wouldn't know that until the future.

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Considering it's the internet and that means a great physical divide between you and strangers the person your talking to could be a brain in a jar for all it matters.

All about what you take away from it, your perception, this catfishing is ultimately harmless if the male or transgender has no intention of meeting this person or revealing that they aren't a person.

I'll put it this way, if a guy was flirting with a girl on the internet and she lies in a message and says she's a guy, the effect on the guy would be no different than if an actual guy had revealed he was a guy.

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@thegrandsage23: The biggest factor in Azula really snapping was losing her friends.

Whatever you heard in her voice was just acting, we witnessed her actions and there was 0 hesitation, in the same breath that she said that she loved him and that they would be together she was using that to time to aim a gun that would kill him.

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@enormity said:

@jack_donaghy: that is CIS on superman's part

I would say it's more to do with Lex's intellect being high tier in terms of threats he can make, Batmans would be mid-tier at best.

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@frozen said:

Title says it all.

Case by case by the person and case by case for the viewer judging whether they are arrogant or not

One mans arrogant is another mans confident, your more likely to describe the actions of someone you like as confident than a stranger or enemy who would describe it as arrogant.

Someone says out loud they should be the leader and someone else who wanted to be leader may think them arrogant but another who dreaded the idea of being leader may think them confident.

and so on

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@joewell said:


I was thinking that too, but I believe that was a one time thing only. Like Koizilla Aang.

It's going to end with her using the avatar state in some suped up way, possibly stop a massive spirit vine explosion.

Zaheers line about the power being limitless was a clear set-up

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@rijehu said:

Ok, Later on today I'm going to rant soon about this "fodder" word people toss around and I also have a rant about the general logic people are attempting to use here because it is getting old, repetitive, and usually the people who use such logic AGAINST a character, will not apply it to the very one they are backing. Give me a few hours...

Tough because there is often a clear difference.

Fodder on Aangs was a more often than not jokingly bad, the Dai Li got taken out when they where tripped a problem as they where suppose to be the elite of the Earth kingdom yet they where no better than the generic benders.

Kuviras first introduction was taking down generic bender fodder and do you know what almost everyone said? "let's wait until she gets some real feats against proper opponents"