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Best 2nd series yet!! 0

LOVE THIS!!! ...

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Why wasn't this add on a TPB? 0

I don't buy TPBs with mixes, or missing issues. ...

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Excellent book! 0

I love how when Wildstorms and DCs can come around in a while before the new 52. But what I don't like is seeing how Wildstorm universe can be rude and show disrespectful welcome to captain atom from the DC universe. Is this how U welcome somebody u don't know and don't care that u want 2 pick a fight? Or was this an accident about who side your on? the good or the bad? Or does it matter?...

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what issue/title came before this? 0

It's confusing seeing mixed up issues at a time like this. ...

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what happened to issue 13 & 14 0

I don't like mixed tpbs. ...

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WTF?! 0

A guy based on american superhero Iron man? What's the world coming 2? -~- ...

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Finally, an Ultimate movie 2 C!! 0

This is what all of us Marvel fans have been dying 2 C!! With more heroes and more actions. Nothing can excite us more than 2 C this movie! Its been over 70 years since the Avengers came 2 our lifes. But finally, not only this is our dream, but Stan "The Man" Lee as well for these comic books come 2 the big screen. So lets gear up, and XLC-OR!!...

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A hero with no powers 0

If you think what it takes to be a superhero, you gotta a know your skills, responsibilites, but not just taping up a duck tape with a video camera on your helmet, or throwing a bottle of bees at your enemies, you need more firepower, and instincts, not just going out there getting yourself killed without knowing your first step....

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WoW!! 0

I have this movie for several years, and I watched over a few times just to see how amazing it is at the SanDiego ComiCon. People wearing theirs costumes between superheroes and anime alike, I say that's my paradise, my very own vatican, the kingdom of comic book heavens....

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not bad 0

I've watched only on a computer but its not an independent film. But its still good, my favorite one's the good one: Batman against Aliens and Predators as it is in the comics. I have the whole set of dc universe vs aliens and predators. Very spectacular fight scenes batman has to take against 2 species....

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Nope, don't like it 0

one thing that doesnt make sense is astro boy got machine guns in his butt, I mean whats up with that anyway? And astroboy can't talk like he's 13 years old, wouldve been more like 9 or 10 yrs old.                                                                                    ...

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